Herbal Supplements: Characteristics of U.S. Brands you can Trust

Herbal Supplements

Herbal SupplementsIn the U.S., herbal supplements are not regulated the same way foods and drugs are by FDA. But there’s nothing to worry about, as long as you have your reliable sources for these health aid products.

What makes a source of herbal supplements reliable? There are several characteristics that these sources have in common.

Own an Organic Farm

Established herbal supplement producers have their own organic or herb farms. These are managed by a master herbalist. Some source their products completely from these farms, while others may outsource the 40 percent or less from another certified organic farm in other parts of the world. With this, consumers can be assured of products that are chemical-free and not an offspring of genetically-modified seeds.

Certified Organic Facility

It only follows that an organic farm comes with a certified organic facility. It’s where products are formulated with the help of certified nutritionists and dieticians, and other specialists, like herbalists with a Ph.D. in integrative biology. Together, these specialists conduct purity tests on herbs to make sure they don’t contain toxic ingredients like heavy metals.

Backed by Science

It’s also natural for these sources of herbal supplements to provide scientifically approved products, given their roster of specialists working on their facilities. For instance, Bergamonte’s natural product based from the Italian citrus fruit bergamot is claimed to have health benefits, a clinical study shows.

No Harmful Ingredients

Reliable sources are mindful of ingredients that FDA warns consumers about. That’s why their certified personnel conduct tests, and monitor warnings issued by the FDA via Safety Alerts & Advisories. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine also has Alerts and Advisories. Some ingredients that have been marked risky are aconite, lobelia, and comfrey.

These producers also have shops or suppliers online for better accessibility. All consumers need to do is allot time researching which suppliers are reliable. When they do, they can be assured of using supplements from brands they can trust.