How to Hire a Divorce Lawyer Without Losing Your Head & Your Money

divorce lawyer

divorce lawyerDivorce is difficult – emotionally and financially. It gets worse if children are involved. They will end up confused and isolated if they are too young. But as adults, if you have decided to go your separate ways, it is possible to keep the situation from getting bitter and stressful.

You need a qualified lawyer to handle your case, file documents, and generally prepare you for what to expect. There are many divorce lawyers in the West Palm Beach area; all you have to do is call a few numbers so you can start choosing the one you feel most comfortable with.

How a Lawyer can Help

Although the process of divorce is painful, if you hire an attorney, they will handle all negotiations, prepare the necessary documents, file them on time, meet all court deadlines, and also appear with you in court if it comes to that.

Types of Divorce

Contested means one of parties involved wants to go to court and contest the proceedings. This can turn into a long, drawn-out battle that can also become very bitter. As it tends to get prolonged it proves to be very expensive for all parties involved.

The second option is the uncontested one, which also has a couple of branches underneath its heading. This is an amicable kind and has some benefits attached to it. This is a cheaper option and the termination of marriage is possible within days of filing the papers. Under this both the parties agree to work through the process through mutual agreement.

The couple will have to agree on every issue concerning their marriage. This includes custody, visitation, child support, alimony, and fair division of assets. Once they agree, they sign a settlement agreement which is then approved by the court. Decide on the kind of divorce that will work best for you.

There are also other processes such as mediation, in which the parties can separate on amicable terms. This is a cost-effective method without any kind of formal litigation. This is an entirely confidential method and there will be no record of the sessions the couples have in private. This works well for couples with no children and when they only want help to divide their joint property.

Law firms differ in the way they handle cases. They also differ in the amount they charge. Look for a lawyer offering the services you need without charging a price that’s too high. You can lose the marriage, but you don’t have to lose all your money.

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