How Temperature Affects Productivity in the Workplace

Productivity in the Workplace

Productivity in the WorkplaceToo much of everything can be bad for you. In the case of workplace temperature, studies found that excessively cold and hot rooms play a significant role in the productivity of workers. This factor is one of the reasons people have difficulties concentrating at work, along with getting burnout and the economy.

According to All Weather Heating & Cooling, “Choosing the heating and air conditioning products best suited to your home and your lifestyle requires some planning.” This also applies to your workplace. Manufacturers designed certain types of HVAC systems to make offices more comfortable.

Studies show that keeping the temperature between 69.8⁰ and 71.6⁰ Fahrenheit increases workplace performance, with the highest productivity level at around 71.6⁰ Fahrenheit. With the right type of air conditioning system for a specific work environment, you can reach and maintain this temperature.

When it’s Too Cold

If you’re catching up on deadlines, the last thing you’d want to do when getting the job done is to turn up the thermostat. Being in a cold environment makes a person least productive. Researchers found that employees commit 44% more mistakes in a low-temperature room than in a neutral place.

More than feeling uncomfortable to the cold, the problem with low-temperature workplaces is the distraction. You tend to lose focus on your work and think of other things because you use a substantial amount of energy to keep the body warm. This compels your mind to concentrate less on the job.

When it’s Too Hot

In the case of a poorly ventilated workplace, you may get as distracted in a cold room. But, you’re at higher risks of injury or, in worse cases, death in such environment. High-temperature workplace can cause excessive sweating, which can lead to dehydration if you don’t resupply your body liquids.

Moreover, poorly ventilated rooms hinder people from thinking straight because they lack sufficient oxygen in the brain. This insufficiency lowers attention span and concentration, affecting productivity.

There are factors to consider on what the exact temperature of a particular workplace should be. But, in general, productivity mostly relies on the determination and willingness of workers to finish the job.