How to Get Relief from Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy?


PregnancyPregnant women frequently complain of lower back pain. There are many kinds of pain that expectant mothers have, but lower back pain is the most common one.

Many expert chiropractors can help provide back pain relief in Salt Lake City. If you also suffer from such problems, then you can also follow some simple steps to get relief from this kind of pain.

  • Good posture and proper garments

Pregnant women should adopt a good posture to avoid back pain. She should not stand for a long time and if she has to, she should rest one foot on a low stool. It is good to take several breaks from standing. It is also important that she wears clothing that is not too tight. It is also advisable to wear low-heeled footwear as high heel shoes can give rise to severe back problems.

  • Avoid lifting and sleep on your side

If you are pregnant, you should not lift any heavy object. If you have to lift any other lighter object, then you should squat down slowly and pick up the object gently. Even a small jerk can cause back pain and other kinds of discomfort. Even while sleeping it is best not to lie on your back. Sleeping on your side will make sure that your back is saved and it does not hurt much. If you do get back pain, then you can sleep with a pillow under your knees and abdomen to get some relief.

  • Other remedies

Using a hot or cold massage can reduce your back pain. A good massage can give your back the much needed support. It is also good to have some daily exercise routine into your schedule. Sedentary life is not good and can give rise to back problems. Even stretching your back a little while exercising can give you a lot of comfort.

If you continue to have back pain, you can also try customized chiropractic treatment as this can also provide relief.