Independent Living: Evaluating Your Needs as You Get Older

senior housingWhether you’re looking for senior housing because of a serious medical condition or a desire to make some lifestyle changes, finding the perfect place can be both stressful and challenging not only for you but also your family members. But, the earlier you determine what your current needs are and how they will evolve as years come by, the better choices you’ll have. Getting familiar with all the different types of senior independent living options can help you make the best choice to enjoy a happier, healthier and more fulfilling environment as you grow older.

Before you make your decision, consider not just the needs you have now, but also those you may have in the future:

Physical and Medical Needs

When you get older, your physical needs, including simple activities of daily living, will increase. You may require someone’s help to do the things you used to do alone, such as cleaning, cooking, shopping, and looking after your pets. In some cases, you’ll also need help moving around the house, bathing, and eating. For your increasing medical needs, you can hire an in-house caregiver to make sure you’re taking your medicines on time.

Social and Emotional Needs

Part of aging is your changing social networks. Friends or family members may not be as close by anymore; even your neighbors may have moved to a different place. You may no longer have access to public transportation or continue driving on your own to meet up with family and friends. You may also want to avoid becoming housebound or isolated; you’d want to expose yourself to more social opportunities and remain active.

Financial Needs

You may have your retirement fund, but sometimes you may still need additional source of income even in retirement. Modifying your home and getting long-term care can both be costly, so evaluate your budget and balance the care you need to where you want to live.

As you age, one thing is for certain: you need to prepare yourself for the changes. The prospect of losing your independence can make you feel worried, but with the right planning and help from your loved ones, the transition can be a smooth process.