Kitchen Construction: Finding a Suitable Material

Modern kitchen

Marine plywood is made out in the same manner as any other kind of plywood in the market today. All kinds of plywood are created from thin wood pieces, which are then sealed using a binder. The main difference is that marine plywood has been treated for use in the water. This makes it the perfect solution for kitchens and other areas exposed to water and moisture. To understand more about their uses, here’s a brief discussion from experts:

Walls and Subflooring

The kitchen and the bathroom are the two areas of the house most prone to moisture. Spills on the kitchen floors and cabinets or splashes on the wall are common. In the bathroom, for instance, water tends to overflow from the tub, shower or toilet. By using marine plywood, you can prevent your floor from deforming or possibly rotting due to too much moisture exposure.

Modern kitchen

Deck Use

The deck in your backyard or patio can be constructed entirely out of marine plywood. Using only a staining and sealer, the deck can potentially last for several decades with minimal maintenance.

Water Resistant

Probably the biggest advantage that marine plywood offers is its ability to withstand moisture. Most types of wood cannot handle wet conditions. Water can seep into the core of the wood and make it expand. This essentially leads to rotting and causes the structure to lose its function.

With marine plywood, you get superior protection from these problems. For instance, it features a special glue layer on the outside designed to keep moisture out of the wood’s surface, resulting in no gaps. This is useful for areas that are constantly exposed to water or moisture. It’s frequently used in the construction of boats and docks.


Marine plywood is also highly pliable. It can be bent without compromising the structure’s durability. It also offers high impact resistance features.