Kitchenware 101: Sharp Knives for the Smart Cook

Kitchenware 101

Kitchenware 101Wouldn’t it be wonderful if kitchen knives remain sharp? This will certainly make kitchen tasks easier, safer and more efficient. As long as you look after your knives, this is not impossible. After all, it’s a code among cooks to find the time to sharpen those knives.

For some people, this task could be time-consuming and may even cause damage to the knife. If you are one those who find sharpening an unpleasant chore, what you can do is limit the need for sharpening by caring for it properly.

You can always look for the best knife sharpener in Australia, but it is also prudent to observe proper care in the kitchen:

  • Choose the Proper Chopping Board. To keep your blades from becoming dull, use the right chopping board when preparing meals. Do not cut ingredients directly on the kitchen counter; use wooden or plastic boards for the task.
  • Use a Knife for Its Purpose Only. Knives have different functions. If a knife is for boning, never use it to cut paper or meat. To avoid misuse, you can have a utility knife in the kitchen for multi-purposes.
  • Store the Knives Properly. The blades of your knives can easily become dull when they rub against other knives or any material. Arrange your knives separately; make sure each has its sheath. You can also put them on a wooden block with the edges not touching anything.
  • Avoid Contact with Steel. There is a reason you cannot wash your knives with other utensils in the dishwasher. When the edge of knife rubs against other steel utensils, it will lose its sharpness.
Sharpening Your Knives is a Part of Kitchen Tasks

You cannot start cooking without your knife. Apart from causing problems with your cooking, dull knives pose more of a danger in kitchens. To provide the best meals and maintain safety in the kitchen, always sharpen your knives.