Knowing Your Customers: Directing Success to Your Business


businessThe Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research department of the University of Montana cited the value of knowing customers when providing great service. According to the study, the number of visitors per day, the length of their stay, their activities, and the duration of their activities play a role in the decision-making process of businesses. With this information, business owners can determine which components of their services perform the most in terms of customer satisfaction.

Counting people — not just the regular customers — can offer many benefits to a business. Once you know your customer demography, you can improve low-performing areas that inhibit sales.

As explains, the right people counting software can help businesses collect the following information and correct problem areas:

How well your business is doing in terms of customer conversion

While Point of Sales (POS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are useful in providing valuable information about customers, the data they give are limited to those who have already transacted with your business. Some systems cannot provide information about those who visited your establishment and left without buying anything.

By counting the total number of people who visit your store, and comparing it with the number of customers, it will be easier to determine the conversion rate of your business.

How you can drive your establishment’s performance in sales

From the data above, you can already measure how well your establishment is performing in terms of sale. Low conversion rates mean greater number of wasted sale opportunities. Knowing the total number of visitors and paying customers can help you augment practices for higher conversion rates.

Most businesses, if not all, can benefit from these people counting systems. The more you know about customers, the more opportunities you can take for business success.