Let a Certified Orthodontist Solve Your Dental Irregularities and Improve Your Oral Health

Orthodontist Teeth and mouth problems? No need to worry. Finding the right solution to those problems may be at your arm’s reach.

Orthodontists are specialists in oral health solutions concerning bite and teeth alignment problems. They also provide professional help to people suffering from jaw pain, gum disease, and mouth and jaw conditions that may cause difficulties with chewing and speaking. To deal with these problems, orthodontists prescribe fixed or moveable orthodontic appliances.

Orthodontic Intervention for Various Problems?

While tooth extraction is the most common dental practice, various new procedures are introduced to deal with teeth and mouth problems.

Orthodontists in Blue Sky Dentistry shared that various mouth and teeth conditions are solved without resulting in pulling out of teeth.

Dental braces can straighten poorly aligned teeth, which places gentle pressure at certain points, resulting in the movement of the teeth to attain a new aesthetic.

Aside from braces, orthodontists offer an effective intervention for buck teeth or overbite, cross bite, and under bite. You may also seek solutions for uneven spaces between biting surfaces of teeth or when your upper and lower teeth do not line up. However, this may affect your facial balance.

Appliances to Improve Facial Growths, Bite Problems, and Irregularity of Teeth

Much like a general dentist, an orthodontist performs a series of tests to determine the extent and severity of the problem. From there, the orthodontist determines which hardware at his or her disposal is most appropriate. The choice of device is at the centre of the treatment strategy.

Orthodontic appliances can be either fixed or movable.

The best example of fixed appliance is the brace. The list of fixed orthodontic equipment includes space maintainers and special fixed appliances.

Fixed appliances are the most commonly used appliances and usually lasts up to two years. Retention often follows fixed appliance treatments.

Some examples of removable appliances are one-liners, lip and cheek bumpers, palatal expanders, jaw repositioning devices, removable space maintainers, removable retainers, and headgear.

Gone were the days when removal is the only solution to damaged teeth, so smile. It brightens other people’s world.