Make Your Event A Phenomenon with these Essentials


ArtistPeople usually host events to promote a band, brand or a cause. Whatever their reasons are, the challenge stays the same: how to make their events the talk of the town. There’s neither sense nor benefit from hosting one without the audience.

While making an event a phenomenon may be hard, it’s achievable with the right planning and props. If you’re preparing for an event, add these essentials in your checklist:


People have to know about your event before they can attend it. The site recommends the use of websites, social media, local listings, search engines and other online tools to expose your event to a larger audience. Most people browse the Internet for information firsthand, after all.

Press People

Events become successful because people create talk about them. One way of doing this is to invite press people to cover your event. Invite TV stations and give them the VIP treatment, as if they’re in your dinner party. Doing these will help you gain positive reviews for your event. Media people are your best ally or enemy depending on how you handle them.

Bloggers and Celebrities

How will bloggers and celebrities help your event? Their invites and reviews may boost attendance through their thousands of followers. Ask them promote the event through ads on Instragram or other social networking sites, where there are higher respondents and ROI.


Your event won’t be the talk of the town if you hire people who are not worth talking about. Hire motivational speakers, artists, authors or other personalities for the talks and icebreakers. The audience will most likely remember and talk about it if they can associate it with people they know.

Promos or Giveaways

Some people attend not because of the speakers, but due to the promos and giveaways they may get. Captivate your target audience with discounts and freebies in your ads. Use limited edition items to attract your prospective audience. These will create a demand for tickets.

It takes time, money and effort to make your event successful. Invest in these essentials and you’ll see the difference between hosting an ordinary event and an extraordinary affair.

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