Mixing Work and Play: Applying for Working Holiday Visa in Australia

Australian Flag

Applying for business visas in a foreign company is necessary if you’re settling for a job overseas. But for countries like Australia which offer a great environment to spend the holidays and work at the same time, many people go for Working Holiday visa. These allow young individuals between the ages 18 and 31 to work and take a vacation in the island nation for a year.

Mygration offers a discussion on possible expenses should you apply for this visa:

Australian Flag

Visa Application

This temporary visa, which aims to encourage closer relations and cultural exchanges between Australians and people from other nations, can be obtained either from outside the country or from within it. Usually, the first Working Holiday visa must be processed from outside the nation. But, for the second time, you’ll need to be in the country when the visa is granted. Also, the second visa will only be given if you’re able to produce sufficient evidence that you have completed the said work in Australia.

The Initial Cost

Regardless of whether you apply for the visa from within the country or from outside, in terms of Australian dollars, the basic application fees that fall under the Subclass 417 is $420. You may be required to pay an additional $80 for non-Internet application. But under certain circumstances, you might be exempted from paying this fee.

The charge for the visa that falls under the Subclass 462 is the same. The only difference is that the non-Internet application charge isn’t applicable in this case. Also, if you’re applying for the visa while staying in the country, you may have to bear a temporary application charge.

Additional Costs

Apart from the visa application fees, whether via Internet or by other means, you may also have to pay for other charges such as those for health assessment, certificates from the police, and any other tests or certificates.

Finally, remember that the visa applications charges are subject to revision. So, research all relevant information thoroughly whenever you need to apply for the visa. Once you’re there, have fun and explore Australia’s wonders. This is the perfect chance to appreciate what the country has to offer.