Modern Alchemy: The Role of Compounding Pharmacies


medicineThe method of prepping personalized meds for patients is compounding medicine, and most pharmacies do this in one form or another. Compounded meds start from scratch, with individual ingredients blended together to achieve the right strength and dosage. The compounding pharmacist does this to come up with a customized medicine that meets the treatment needs of a specific case or patient.


At one point all prescriptions came from the compounding process, but the 1950s and 1960s saw a sharp rise in mass drug manufacturing and eventually the compounding method began to decline. The role of the pharmacist no longer required preparation of meds, but rather in just dispensing them to patients.


Today, people see resurgence in compounding pharmacies, especially in Draper, and they have once again become a vital part of regular pharmacy practice. Many doctors now recognize this fact because for some very specific patients, there is an increasing need to compound medications that are not available via conventional channels.

In 2003 alone, about 1% of all prescriptions came from compounded drugs. This established a number of compounding pharmacies, with some making the leap to cyberspace where patients can even order compounded medicines online. These pharmacies customize patient medications and dosage needs according to the requirements of a physician.

Reason for a Renaissance

The main reason is patient aversion to a specific drug product. Patient intolerance leads to non-compliance, directly increasing patient morbidity and mortality. Compounding allows doctors once again to prescribe a customized dosage of drug for patients who cannot tolerate regular dosages.

Pharmacists offer patients various forms of the same medication for easy compliance such as transdermal gels, sublingual forms, liquid suspensions and even medicated lollipops.

Pharmacies are now a one-stop shop for all things medicine, and now an increasing number of these stores honor the timeless tradition of compounding. The Internet has lent it a modern vibe, however, with patients ordering compounding online.

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