How a Mounted Deer Head Brings Back the Nostalgia and Feel of a Vintage Era

deer head

deer headWhen you live in a house that has high walls in need of decoration, nothing beats amounted deer head because it instantly catches the eye of anyone who walks into the room. Such decorative items remind you of a bygone era, when hunting was a fashion and laws regarding the ban on hunting and preservation of wildlife had not even been written.

Such artifacts bring back the flavors of a long gone era in the following ways:

• In most houses that are between eighty and a hundred years old, there is at least one such item on display. Some households even display more as past members of past generations may have been heavily into hunting and made sure to show off their prized kills on the walls.
Serious hunters ensure that examples of their conquests look great and this is best done by way of antler mounts. In other words, it’s the best way of displaying a trophy even though processing and subsequent mounting may not only be expensive but time consuming as well.
• Some hunters, in order to avoid expenses, opt for antler mount kits which are relatively smaller and inexpensive as well. This helps them mount just the antlers instead of the whole head.
• Of late, fake deer heads made from synthetic materials like faux fur and special nylons or resin that look like real heads are also available on the market and these are gradually catching public fancy. These either come mounted on pieces of polished wood or can be mounted separately at extra cost, according to Deer Head Den.
• Some artists have a different perspective when it comes to taxidermy. Their unique creations may not be commonplace, but those who appreciate such art can commission an artist to make one or two pieces for them. It fuses a science and art that has fallen out of favor through the years, with an art that’s new and awesome.

You don’t have to shoot deer or any other animal just so you can decorate your living room or office with an animal head. A faux deer head either colored to look real, or one in plain white or other color, is just as interesting on your wall.

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