Moving Forward: Getting Out of a Fiscal Hole


How did this happen? People have been asking this question for the last six years. The country went from the de facto leader of the world to an economy that’s barely making ends meet, and a deeply polarized political base that’s not doing anyone any favors.

People have been caught in an economic and political crossfire that no one was prepared for, and now many Americans are in a hole they’re desperately trying to fight out. Look no further for an example than trying to get car financing with bad credit. Lenders have denial templates ready and waiting.


There is some hope though, in recognition of many people’s plight some finance companies offer bad credit car loans and financing services. These companies are hardly charity, and everyone involved needs to do their part to carry people out of the hole that fiscal mismanagement brought on this country all those years ago.

It’s hardly fair to ask regular people to pay for the mistakes of a few individuals in high places, but the past is the past, and there’s nothing anyone can do but move forward. Work with as many people as you can to get back on your feet, and never fall in the same hole again.