My Diesel Engine’s Smoke is Black – What Now?

Engine Smoke

Engine SmokeYou might be surprised to know that a diesel engine is in its perfect shape if it emits colorless smoke. An engine’s true smoke should be colorless. If it isn’t, chances are your engine is not burning the proper way, or it is burning the wrong thing.

What does Black Smoke Mean?

The black fume coming out of your muffler means that there are surplus petroleum products unburnt in your exhaust fume. Incomplete burning happens due to several reasons, and not one of them good.

Here are some of them:

  • Over-fueling

It means your engine is injecting too much fuel into the combustion chamber. Check with your mechanic to see the cause of over-fueling. When left unresolved, it may destroy your piston rings and lead to bigger, costlier problems.

  • Poor quality fuel

Diesel fuel that’s below quality standard may not burn well. Only use quality diesel fuel to ensure optimum performance.

  • Faulty fuel injectors

Clogged or dirty fuel injectors cannot deliver the proper spray pattern needed for efficient burning. On the other hand, a leaky fuel injector may cause it to pump more fuel, which causes over-fueling. Always check for any fuel injector damage to prevent incomplete burning.

  • Cold operations

When you operate your engine while at its cooled state, it needs more fuel to run properly.

  • Incorrect timing

It means fuel is entering the combustion chamber at a wrong time. This would cause the fuel not to burn completely, resulting in black smoke.

  • Dirty air cleaner

When your air cleaner is dirty, not enough air enters the combustion chamber. This would result in incorrect air-fuel ratio, compromising your engine’s capacity to burn fuel efficiently.

Acting Quickly

Resolving these issues would turn your engine’s emission from pitch black to colorless smoke. Aside from the usual preventive measures, you can further make your engine’s emission less harmful by installing a DEF fuel pump system that breaks down dangerous pollutants into nontoxic substances.

If your engine’s smoke is black, do not delay taking action! Resolving this early on would prevent you from spending too much for costly repairs and unnecessary fuel bills.

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