Nine Types of Blinds and how they Work

Home Blinds in Australia

Home Blinds in Australia Shutters or blinds are traditionally used to cover spaces. As time passed, a series of different types of blinds were made with unique features that add to their advantages. They are available in big and small markets around the globe.

There are nine common types of blinds used in different households and establishments. Choose the one that suits your place.

  1. Traditional Shutters. This type creates better support for windows and doors. It also adds up to secure coverage in unpleasant situations. This was the most common blinds used in the past.
  2. Woven Wood Blinds. With this type of blinds, breeze and a little bit of the sun’s rays can still get inside. It’s good for insulation.
  3. Panel Blinds. You can create multiple designs from panel blinds. Choose from woven fabrics or wood.
  4. Plantation Shutters. Unlike most types of blinds, plantation shutters are installed as a part of the whole structure. This type becomes more of a window or door that can be moved sideways and panelled up.
  5. Venetian Blinds. The slats of this kind of blinds are positioned horizontally. It’s adjustable and materials vary from wood to plastic.
  6. Vertical Blinds. This is best for wide spaces. You may choose to completely shut out the heat and cold or not, because it is adjustable.
  7. Roman Blinds. This can insulate a cooler environment because it’s made of woven cloth or bamboo. It can be pulled up with the use of a cord.
  8. Cellular Blinds. They are great for both cold and warm weather because the material used is either fabric or soft wood. The Blinds Gallery mentions this helping conserve warmth in winter. It can cover sunrays and prevent the cold breeze from getting into the room. The term cellular is to imply its appearance.
  9. Roller Blinds. This type of blinds totally blocks everything from the outside. Choose from plastic, paper or fabric. The disadvantage of roller blinds is its mechanism. It may be stuck if it’s not of good quality.

Choosing the right type of shutters is important because it affects the comfort of your home. Be wise and know your options before deciding.