Paralegal Career: Getting Certified is the Way to Go


ParalegalAll the dispute resolution, arbitration, and mediation can be taxing to a lawyer. If you want to provide any valuable assistance to a lawyer, getting certified as a paralegal is the way to go. This can provide you more opportunities of career growth in the legal field.

Providing Legal Support

A paralegal must work under the supervision of a lawyer. This is part of the reason the profession has increasingly become a necessity in numerous law firms these days.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) listed paralegals with 16.7 percent employment growth from 2012 to 2022, creating close to 50,000 open positions. This growth rate edges past even the lawyer profession itself, pegged only to post only 10 percent within the same timeframe.

That is not all there is to the work of a paralegal, though. A tenth of the total paralegal professionals are taking their talents to the bank, as they have a median annual salary of $76,960. It is not surprising that many are looking at a paralegal career to improve their economic prospects.

The Cream of the Crop

You may find employers who choose to hire and train paralegals along the way. In this regard, a bachelor’s degree and a can-do attitude may get you to the door. As The Center For Legal Studies explain, “Paralegalism is one of the fastest growing careers in the country”.

Nevertheless, choosing paralegal certificate programs may be the best route in this profession. These comprehensive programs can provide you the knowledge and the discipline to excel on the job.

Know that getting certified is a goal worth pursuing. While you may find work as a paralegal by virtue of experience, many states require national certification. Graduating from a paralegal certificate program gives you the competitive edge to ace these national exams.

At any measure, getting certified boosts your credentials and gives you a better shot at this line of legal work.