Parenting Pointers: When Your Kid Wants a Bike

Kid Biking Pointers

Kid Biking PointersA bike is more than just a piece of sports equipment. It’s an exercise on their dedication and your support. If your child wants to learn how to bike, here are some things that you have to learn as well.

Let Them Ditch the Training Wheels

Training wheels are good when your kid is starting out. However, once they get the hang of how to operate a bike at running speed, they’ll want to step up to a more appropriate machine. So whether you want to get them an ordinary setup or the stronger Haro bikes for sale at, keep the knee pads, shoulder pads, and helmet on.

Let Them Fall Down

Even when you’re anxious about scrapes and slides, falling down is an integral part of the learning process. Even in a controlled and supervised environment, children can still get into some accidents when they become careless. So be a coach not, a mother hen. It’s okay for them go through a bit of pain if they really want to learn.

Let Them Get Back Up (On Their Own)

Helping a child stand up once they’ve fallen from a bike is absolutely alright. Once in a while, however, even when the rides are longer and the falls are harder, they need to get back up, brush off the dirt, and start pedaling again. After a little help from you, their hearts and minds will always recover.

Let Them Keep Going 

Discouragement is part of life. Stop yourself from saying anything negative when they feel disappointed. It’s their decision if they want to give up; and even then you should still encourage them to keep going. Teach them the consequences of giving up and always allow them to open up their thoughts and feelings to you, no matter what they are.

Cycling is more than just another athletic endeavor. It’s a way to teach your child how to think and act for themselves. Give your kid a big smile when they come back and have something to soothe the bruises and falls so they can start trying again tomorrow.