Pest Away: 4 Tips to Prevent an Infestation

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fly swatterNobody wants pests like cockroaches, ants, and other insects to invade their home. Still, these bugs find a way inside our homes because in a way we roll out the welcome mat for them that says, “come in and breed” by leaving food unattended, allowing sources of water to go unprotected, etc.

Here are some tips from pest control services to make your beloved house pest-free.

1. Hide the Food

The kitchen is usually where cockroaches and other insects tend to proliferate because of the amount of food in this area each day. Make sure that you hide your discarded food items by keeping the trash lid tight. Make it a habit to empty it daily, and to sweep up leftovers and other refuse and throw them in the wastebasket.

2. Store Water Property

Never allow standing water in your kitchen or any part of your home. For example, the dishes beneath your plants offer easy access to water for rodents. Damp areas also tend to attract the wrong kind of bugs. Water-damaged areas attract an infestation, so remove it properly or have it repaired the soonest.

In addition, mosquitoes prefer the damp and the dark, so never allow rainwater collect in toys, buckets and other parts of your yard. They are also a vector of diseases, such as dengue and malaria.

3. Clean as You Go

Practice a clean-as-you-go attitude every time you use the kitchen to prepare and cook food. Edge Pest Control listed down some of these tips:

  • Never allow dirty dishes out overnight and make it a habit to clean the table after every meal.
  • Clear the bottom table for any crumbs that critters can eat.
  • Never leave food in pet bowls, especially the moist ones.
  • Dispose of any rotting fruit in your yard and if you have bird feeders, try not to overfill them.
4. Call a Reputable Pest Provider

Finally, if you feel that you have a persistent pest problem in your home, do not hesitate to call a pest exterminator to solve the problem. They can solve a pest issue that home remedies could not.

A good indicator of a healthy and hygienic home is the minimal presence of pests. They are often carriers of diseases, and scavenge on debris and rotting matter. Clean your home, and remove pests for good.

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