Plants for All Seasons: Top five Perennial Plants to Decorate Your Garden

plant season

plant seasonTired of replanting flowers every year? A perennial plant may be the answer to your problems.

Planting a perennial plant is a good investment. Most perennial plants are long-lived, or else live for at least two years. This will remove the need to replant them come next spring. Gardeners favour several types of perennials, described below:

1. Foamflower
Though native to North America and East Asia, foamflower can survive in any location in the North Hemisphere. These perennial flowers form cream or pale pink clumps that radiate a scent like honey in the summer. Garden designers and landscapers in Essex recommend that gardeners plant foamflower in soil with high humus content, but it is not particularly required.

2. Purple deadnettle
Similarly called purple archangel or red deadnettle, found in Europe and Asia. Red to purplish flowers adorn this plant, with fine hair on their leaves. The plant’s edible tops are used for ingredients such as for salads or as a spring vegetable.

3. Tickseed
Tickseed, species of the genus Coreopsis, are bright, perennial flowers that highlight colour in a garden. They are extremely adaptable and need low maintenance. Tickseed petals are very distinctive, as they are usually yellow, with toothed tips. The plant is so-called because of its seeds, which look like insects.

4. Lungwort
Despite its uncomfortable name, lungworts are one of the indispensable perennial flowers in a good garden. This plant’s flowers have a brilliant hue, ranging from blue, pink, to white, and usually employed as borders or accent plants. Like foamflowers, they also prefer high-humus soil, but can endure drier ones as well.

5. Bugleweed
Native to Europe, this plant is a good groundcover. The most distinctive characteristic of bugleweed is that it shoots up violet stalks covered with whorls of blue or indigo flowers. European traditional medicine also utilises bugleweed. In Austria, for instance, a common home remedy uses bugleweed tea to treat breathing problems.

Perennials have short blooming periods, but careful maintenance and placing can avoid these disadvantages. Some gardens have all-perennial plants, but it is up to you if you want to go for a mix with regular plants.

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