Pool Installation Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Swimming pools beat the heat on a warm day, but it can give you a headache when you realize that it’s not doing your home any good. Maybe it’s not the right the design or the size is too big for your yard space. If you have little or no knowledge about its installation, researching beforehand is advisable.

Read the following to know what installation mistakes you should avoid:

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  1. Wrong Pool Type – Choose the most appropriate pool type for your home. Aboveground pools are affordable because you simply need to install vinyl lining over steel, aluminum, or wood. It doesn’t have a long lifespan, though. In-ground pools, on the other hand, are made of vinyl, concrete, and fiberglass pool material, which can last up to 25 years.
  2. Not for Intended Purpose – Don’t copy what you see on television and magazines, unless they’re applicable to your home. Decide what works best in your location. Know what you’ll be using the pool for – recreation, landscape, or therapy – to plan its shape, size, and depth.
  3. Improper Installation – Hire reliable builders and manufacturers to make sure you’re dealing with professionals. This way, you can get high quality materials and installation service for a reasonable price. Their advice will also help make the installation process better.

Whether you’re installing fiber glass pools, concrete, or vinyl, knowing the most common installation mistakes will help you choose the right pool type for your home.