Prepare for Summer Sports: Consult A Queensland Sports Physician


Summer is the ideal time for you to engage in sports activities. Before you actually engage in playing any summer sport, though, you need to prepare yourself. If you are unsure of what kind of exercises to do, consult an expert. You may end up harming yourself if you are not careful about your exercise regimen to prepare your body.

A doctor specialising in sports-related issues is the person you need to consult. A & I Physio Rehab Clinic says that there are many sports physicians in Queensland who provide services and advice tailored to the needs of sports-minded people.

Some common advice a sports physician will give you may include:


  • Do not exercise too rigorously. It is better to gradually increase the rigour of your training, so that your body can get used to it.
  • Before playing any sport, take the time to warm up, or stretch your muscles. It helps prepare your muscles for the game ahead.
  • Use the prescribed safety equipment and dress appropriately for the sport. This helps prevent any injuries to your body. Always use sunscreen.
  • Do not hesitate to rest a few days in between, or if you are injured. Your body will need time to recover from the stressful physical activity.

Many sports physicians also offer complete physical examinations. The extended exposure to the sun, and the outdoors could cause many latent health problems. Therefore, it is important to check how much your body can endure. A physical examination also allows you to take steps to protect yourself as well. If you are signing up for a summer sports camp, a complete physical check up is required. A sports physician collects a complete medical history, to ensure that you don’t get hurt because of an existing condition while at the camp.

Since adults and youngsters in Queensland engage in summer sports, they require guidance in becoming physically fit before actually playing. The many sports physicians in Queensland provide medical services that help people play the game safely. They also tend to injuries that people get while engaging in a sport. If you think you require expert advice before getting onto the field, consult a sports physician.

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