Preparing for a Storm: Safety Precautions

Electric shutters in PerthAustralia is no stranger to storms. The weather here can take on the extreme. While there is hardly anything man can do to protect against the most violent weather disturbances, people have to nevertheless be prepared for the occasional downpour and strong winds. 

Here are some ways to help you get ready in case the weather forecast isn’t exactly sunny.

Have a family meeting

A family meeting should be the first step, especially if you have children in the house. Everyone should know their role, such as who grabs the emergency preparedness kit that contains food, water and blankets. You should have flashlights with slings for every person. Phones should be ready. Mark a place everyone can meet later in case you get separated.

Prepare your house

Get your insurance documents ready (house, car, etc.) in a waterproof container. Clean your roof and rid your downspouts and gutters of blockages like leaves and branches. Cut the branches that are too close to your house. Check the windows and doors and anywhere else there could be leaks. Shut your electric roller shutters, which, in Perth, offer better protection against storms.

Prepare an evacuation backpack

Put some canned food and bottled water in a waterproof backpack. Put some blankets, a tent, flashlights, batteries and a camping stove in there too. Don’t forget the first-aid kit and a Swiss Army knife. A mobile phone with a charger will also help, and perhaps a small radio with batteries. Keep this pack close to you at all times during the storm so you can just grab it and go in case you have to evacuate.

Storms are not to be messed with. They can cause property destruction, injuries and loss of life. Be as prepared as you can be all year and not just when a storm is coming.