Preparing to File for a Child Support Modification

 Child Support in ColoradoWhen former spouses go through a divorce, one parent may gain full custody of the children, and the other is required to provide child support. However, there may be unforeseen situations like losing a job, getting a serious injury or disease, or changing of marital status that may require a change in the amount of child support required from the other person. 

If this is your case, here are some ways for you to seek child support modification successfully.

Do It Quickly

If you don’t act quickly after the sudden hit in your financial responsibilities, you will still owe whatever amount you failed to give, the Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne warns. This may cause you a lot of financial problems or even bankruptcy. Better call a credible child support lawyer in Colorado Springs quickly to consult about your current situation. The lawyer will help you determine if the grounds you have for child support modification can qualify in court.

Document Your Circumstance Change

You need to prove in court whatever it is you’re dealing with that prevents you from giving the original amount of child support you agreed upon. You should also document your current household income. This is important or else you won’t have a case to fight for. If you lost a job, you need to prove that you’re actively seeking another one. This will prove to the court that the circumstance is beyond your control.

File a Formal Request

Now that you have an attorney and are more prepared, you can formally file a child support modification request to the court where you negotiated the original one. You need to file the formal papers to the court and to the other parent. If there’s a dispute, both parties may need to show up in court to come up with an agreement.

Remember these tips so you can successfully get the child support modification you need in line with your current financial status to avoid further problems.