Pricing and Selling Estate Jewelry 101

jewelryPeople consider investments in precious metals like gold and silver as the best bet in any kind of market situation. You can choose to buy them in the form of ornaments such as estate jewelry, coins, or bullions.

The normal advice is that you can sell them and reap the profits when their market goes up. Even so, if you do not feel like parting with these precious pieces, you can benefit from knowing their current worth.

Estimating Their Worth

Fixing a price on these items sometimes is an uphill task, but there are markets for all kinds of items including antiques, vintage, and custom-designed ornaments. There are several ways to be aware of their value through several channels:

  • A pawnbroker will usually cut it to a fraction of its actual value.
  • An auctioneer has a more accurate and fairer judgment, but rendering this service requires you to permit them to put the items up for auction.

This leaves the people most suited to evaluate your unique pieces: unbiased appraisers. Choose one who will neither buy nor sell your pieces, but will only affix a value on them.

Get the evaluation in written form. With some pieces this is insufficient, and you must obtain additional identification certificate from an established agency.

Selling Your Items

Once you’ve known the worth of your pieces, selling them at the correct price is easier. There are many people who will be interested in buying these prized objects; a most convenient way is to look for buyers on the Internet. Do not limit to individual collectors, though. Some companies, like, buy and sell estate jewelry and other gold and silver pieces.

Buyers evaluate the condition of the items before they make an offer. Damaged pieces, ornaments with missing stones, pieces with the metal parts twisted, or similar spoilage will not fetch you a good price. Appearances matter, so it is vital that you clean, polish, and repair the pieces, if applicable.  Take good pictures, and make a catalog if there are multiple items.  Put up advertisements, too.

Cashing in jewelry can be a lucrative business for some, especially for people who have inherited heirlooms in good condition. Knowing how to do business with appraisers, however, is a must to get the most return out of these precious mementos.

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