Raging Hormones: How Hormonal Imbalance Triggers Alcohol Cravings

hormone balance supplement

hormone balance supplementWhat comes to mind when you hear the word ‘hormones’? If you are a middle-aged woman, chances are you will probably answer with something like sleepless nights, hot flashes, mood swings, and the most dreaded of all, weight gain. Little do most women know that there’s another telltale sign of raging hormonal imbalance: alcohol cravings.

Suddenly find yourself thinking about a glass of wine or maybe a beer in the middle of the night? That’s your raging hormones speaking to you.

How Hormonal Imbalance Affects Cravings

Supplement companies like GreenGoldNutrition.com say that hormonal changes trigger alcohol cravings. People who experience hormonal imbalance symptoms are at greater risk for alcohol addiction because they try to cope with the mood swings, changing energy levels, anxiety and other health complications by drinking. You should know full well how difficult it is to manage the symptoms as it causes terrible stress and takes a toll on physical and mental health.

While hormonal changes prompt alcohol cravings, studies show that alcohol abuse can further interfere with proper hormonal balance. Excessing alcohol consumption may affect sexual hormones and may lead to sexual dysfunction and infertility.

How to Balance Hormones

It’s important to balance hormones, not just to avoid alcohol cravings but also to reduce the effects of the hormonal symptoms. Here are simple ways to balance your hormones:

  • Watch your diet. It’s important to be extra conscious of the food you eat. Nutritionists recommend incorporating polyunsaturated omega-3 fats in your diet.
  • Get more sleep. Lack of sleep and sleeping at the wrong time can disrupt hormonal balance. Make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. If you’re struggling with insomnia, consult your doctor about how you can manage it more effectively.
  • Take supplements. Supplements can also help restore hormonal balance. Before incorporating such in your diet, though, make sure to consult nutritionists first.

Dealing with the symptoms of raging hormones can be difficult, but you can certainly prevail over it! Take these tips and balance your hormones effectively.


  1. So that’s why alcohol rehab centers have programs for hormone imbalance treatments! Thanks for this post! Great read.

  2. I think you should have included and highlighted the importance of exercise in balancing hormones. It’s not enough that you watch your diet; you also have to be physically active!

  3. I think my mom’s going through the phase… She gained a lot of weight in the last months and she’s always irritable… She also craves certain food and yes, alcohol. Are supplements really effective in balancing hormones? Thanks!

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