Rat it Out: Scariest Things You Should Know about Rats

Rats in UtahIt is never fun to share your home with unwanted and disease-carrying tenants such as rats. Apart from carrying germs and bacteria throughout the house, these rodents also transmit potentially fatal diseases. They carry bacterial pathogens that are known to cause febrile illnesses and acute gastroenteritis.

Just like other pests, rats have unique survival abilities, which make them hard to exterminate. Pest control service providers in Utah suggest that can always find their way to sneak to a property, even if the doors and windows are locked or sealed up, Greenside Landscaping reports. They are willing to go through tiny pipes and squeeze their bodies through tiny holes just to get access to food and find shelter.

Unique Breeding Ability

The breeding abilities of rats are also a top concern, as two mice alone can have thousands of babies during their lifetime. Most creatures begin to breed as early as three months, with female rodents having the ability to mate as many as 500 times. Their ability to multiply easily makes it harder for most homeowners to exterminate them.

They Like Human Blood

The scariest thing about them, however, is that they drink human blood. One research suggests that when these rodents were given an access to vast amount of blood, they consumed it all. Rats usually attempt to bite humans around midnight to eight in the morning, or the time when people are still asleep.

Serious Diseases

Rat bites and scratches can lead to rat-bite fever and other illnesses. Rat urine, on the other hand, is known to cause leptospirosis, resulting in kidney and liver damage. These rodents can also transmit a viral infectious disease through urine and saliva. Some may experience temporary discomfort while in others, this could be permanent.

When you’re dealing with rats at home, it is never enough to handle the problem on your own. It is best to consult pest control service providers to get rid of the problem completely. Don’t let rats live inside the house, as they can only compromise your and your family’s health.