Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners: The Solution for a Wintry Chill

reverse cycle air condition unit

reverse cycle air condition unitWhile older models of air conditioners merely kept your home cool during summers and hot days, newer technology has made it possible to use your air conditioner to reverse the cooling process, that is, heat up your home instead of cooling it.

An air conditioning unit that offers both heating and cooling features is a reverse cycle air conditioner, or a winter air conditioner.

How It Works

Winter air conditioning units are not only one of the more economical heating methods, but you can use it throughout the year to control the temperature in your home.

A reverse cycle air conditioner works in three steps.

  1. The unit extracts and draws in the heat from the air outside, regardless of the temperature. Even during the peak of the winter season, these units can extract heat to warm your home.
  2. A refrigerant then absorbs the extracted heat that passes through a coil, pumped through the compressor in the unit into the condenser.
  3. The condenser then releases the heat in your home, warming up the place.
Energy Efficiency

For each unit of electricity used, the winter air conditioning unit produces at least three units of heat. This means that higher energy bills means that the unit of electricity produces less units of heat, owing to damage in the unit or dirt.

Types of Winter Air Conditioning

When it comes to choosing a winter air conditioner for your home, you have a range of choices. These choices include the kind of air conditioning unit you want – split systems, multi-split systems, ducted systems, etc. While some units are portable, others you can install in windows or on walls.

Good winter air conditioners have programmable thermostats and humidity control, as well as good energy ratings, and inverter technology. Geo-exchange heat pumps are a great choice for winter heating as well, more so because of its high energy efficiency.

Winter ACs are the rage in winter or in cold areas. Have these installed for a comfortable atmosphere in the home, and then reverse it – hence the name – during summer.

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