Roller Blinds for a Cost-Effective Home Makeover

Roller blinds

When remodelling your home, update the layout of the furniture, change the décors and have new curtains for a fresher look. Instead of curtains, you can go for roller blinds. Many homeowners have found them to be a very versatile and sophisticated alternative.

Economical and Elegant Option

Roller blinds can be cost-effective options, as they are reasonably priced and come in different styles, colours and types to match any décor. As shades or curtains are a necessity to all kinds of homes, these are an excellent choice. According to, apart from being economical, they also offer many advantages, such as the following:

    Roller blinds

  • They are available in different style options to suit any home and are easy to fix. They also need less space, as they roll up and down only within the window space.
  • When fully closed, they can darken the room, filter out the light and offer complete privacy.
  • They can protect the furniture and the room from harsh sunlight, as they can filter out the UV rays well.
  • They can insulate the room from the outside temperature.
  • If your home is close to a noisy highway, these will help keep your house noise-free.
  • They are made up of bamboo, straw, fibreglass or multilayered plastic, which are all lightweight and easy to clean and maintain.

If you choose the hand-operated ones, they are even less costly. Some are designed on the principle of release and tension caused by the use of a spring. Others have a smoother and continuous loop action. You can easily operate them by pulling the handling cord. Mechanized handling is also available, but they might be costlier. Remote controlled ones are also available for a higher price.

They are very durable, so you need not change them often. Thus, you can save more by just maintaining them and keeping them clean. You can use a vacuum cleaner or feather duster for an easy cleanup. Alternatively, use normal washcloth with a little soap to wipe them clean. Do not use harsh chemicals or extremely hot water. Take care not to bend or twist the layers.

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