Roof Sandwich: Using Multiple Materials to get the Best of Both Worlds


One of the most talked about materials in architecture today is EPDM roofing, it’s lightweight, flexible, and lasts half a lifetime. But, even if the material has the capacity to withstand most of what nature can dish out, it’s not invincible.


Even rubber roofs can break when subjected to constant and targeted abuse. Most rubber roofing breaks due to abuse doesn’t come from environmental pressures, but from the owners not using common sense when it concerns the use and maintenance of their roofs.

The More the Merrier

People worry about EPDM roofing the most when they have to step on it to perform cleaning or maintenance. A properly installed roof can deal with medium foot traffic (roughly three to six people). Performing maintenance without any difficulty with excess weight, though, is another story. However, there are ways to strengthen a rubber roof in case the need arises for it.

It’s possible to install tiles, slabs, and cement screeds on top of the EPDM, making it stronger for more people to stand on it while retaining the advantages an EPDM rubber roof provides. In addition, cement or the lime additive doesn’t affect EPDM, allowing it to be screeded over or bond directly to a smooth concrete surface.