Saving Yourself the Trouble from Google Penalties

google penalty

google penaltyThe online marketplace is a very competitive arena. Many businesses try to get the attention of customers so much so that they have resorted to different means of augmenting their online presence. Many use search engine optimization methods, which are legal, but others use questionable procedures. Once Google discovers them, this results in a penalty.

The penalty is usually a steep decline in rankings or removal from indexing, depending on the gravity of the offense. Here is why you should consider hiring a Google penalty removal provider in the event that your company finds itself in this dire predicament.

Types of Search Engine Penalties

According to ZooSEO, there are a couple of penalties to be aware of that can affect the ranking of your website. These are manual action and algorithmic.

Manual action refers to the search engine taking direct action on your website or specific pages of your site. The reason for the action usually is the use of methods not recommended under the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Google can resort to extremes to remove your site from its index search results if they discover that you manipulate your pages to get a higher ranking. Google will put your website into a sort of purgatory, where no relevant search can find you.


The good news:Google will bring it to your attention if they find grounds to put a manual penalty against you. They will even provide you with specific examples of the offending methods that they discovered so that you have the opportunity to correct them. Once you have complied, then they will lift the manual action penalty.

Unless you are an expert in this field, you are better off leaving the heavy lifting to people who know how to get the job done. Google penalty removal experts have the training, knowledge and experience to get your site out of the rut and comply with all Google rules and regulations.

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