Secrets to Making Your Hairstyle Last without Damaging Your Locks

Girl with nice hair

Some people aren’t quite sure how often they should get a haircut. Usually, hairstylists advise their clients that it depends on their hair’s health and current style. Getting hair trimmed a few times is necessary to keep it from looking straggly and having split ends. Read the following pointers from the hair experts at to learn more about hairstyles, products to use and general hair maintenance.

Frequency of Haircuts

For men, the general thumb rule is to get haircuts every 5 weeks, as they have short hair that can look messy if neglected. For women with short hair, they should get a trim every 4 weeks to make sure their style keeps its shape. This rule applies to a blunt bob most of all. Those with mid-length or long hair can wait 5 – 6 weeks to get a trim, so their hair doesn’t have split ends or look too shaggy. Find a good stylist to know what style suits you.

Girl with nice hair

Deciding on a Hairstyle

Some people who want their hair to grow long skip going to the hairdresser. This is not a good idea, as it can lead to unhealthy looking hair. Well-styled hair based on texture and face shape will help a person look their best. Before trying to change styles, look at pictures and see which one appeals. Salons usually have magazines in their reception area. Consult a stylist before trying out a new haircut.

Multiple Salon Appointments

Some salons offer their clients two appointments – one for a consultation and one for a cut. This gives people time to consider their decision, especially if it is a real change from their existing hairstyle. Two appointments may also be needed if a client is getting their hair coloured for the first time. This allows for allergy checks, as some people may be allergic to chemicals in colouring products.

Paying attention to the stylist and asking about products and techniques is a good way to maintain a new haircut. Most salons offer products and tools needed to maintain all styles. Stylists are usually happy to answer questions and help people look their best.