Selecting the Comfiest Bed Sheet for Kids

bed sheets

bed sheetsSome parents take for granted the bed linen their kids use. Little do they know that these sheets play an important role so children get a good night’s rest. The more comfortable it is, the better they sleep at night.

Selecting bed linen is not that challenging as long as you know how to go about it properly. It is important to note that the best bed sheets does not necessarily mean the most expensive. The right bed linen for your child’s bed must be one that is comfortable and durable enough to withstand repeated washings.

How do you get the best bed linen for your child? Here is how:

1. Start with Thread Count

Bedding experts in Sydney classify bed linens by the number of threads they have, known as the item’s “thread count”. This figure refers to the number of threads per inch of fabric in the sheet. For example, a four hundred thread count sheet features a tighter weave than, say, a 200-thread count, and means that four hundred threads run in any given square inch.

The higher the thread count, the more tightly woven the fabric is. High-weave thread counts will keep your child warm during the cold season, but inappropriate during the hot summer months. Also note that high thread count fabrics that have substandard weaves are not very comfortable. Avoid these if possible.

2. Cotton Bed Sheets

Several types of fabric comprise a bed sheet. Three of the most common are:

• Egyptian cotton

When it comes to fabrics for bed linens, nothing comes close to Egyptian cotton sheets. These offer 100% cotton with good breathability. As the name suggests, Egyptian cotton grows along the Nile River Valley, and handweavers process the harvested cotton. They are the most luxurious, but quite expensive.

• Polyester Cotton

For those that are on a budget, polyester cotton blends are a good alternative. These, however, absorb less moisture and consequently less breathable than other kinds. However, their cost-effectiveness or affordability makes them popular choices. They also do not wrinkle and require no ironing which makes them perfect as bed sheets for kids beds.

• Flannel

Quite popular during the winter months and cooler climate zones, thread count does not apply to flannel but by weight per square yard.

Bed linen is medium-cost articles that will not tax the family budget so much, but is a good treatment for restless sleep or lack of it. Purchase bed linens that are comfortable but also durable, and remember to ask dealers the pertinent questions.

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