Simple Ways to Fire-Proof Your Apartment

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March is Fire Prevention Month and it’s the perfect time to make sure your home is safe. Fire is a critical issue in the Philippines, including in Makati; it causes millions of damage and takes thousands of lives every year.

According to experts, human error and negligence are the most common causes of house fire. This is why it’s important to observe proper fire safety practices at all times.

apartment for rent

Here are some simple ways to fireproof your apartment:

Keep Fire Extinguishers Handy

Fire extinguishers are the best defense against house fires. Make sure there’s one in every room of your apartment so you can easily put out fire wherever you are in the house. Get proper training on using extinguishers and make sure everyone in the household knows how to use one.

Install Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms play an important role in providing early warning signs of a fire. If you’re leasing an apartment for rent in Makati that doesn’t have smoke alarm systems, ask your landlord to install one. Most property owners will do this willingly, but if they balk, remind them that the property must comply with the Fire Code of the Philippines.

Get Rid of Excess Stuff

Get rid of home items you no longer need, such as old clothes, newspapers, boxes, toys, and defective appliances. The more stuff you have, the more quickly fire can spread, even small ones. Clean each of the rooms in your rented apartment regularly, including the garage, and remove items you don’t use anymore.

Accidents and disasters are inevitable, but there are steps you can take to reduce the risks and avoid being a victim of one.