Slow Down a Racing Mind: Reading Nooks Design Ideas


ReadingYou maintain a hectic schedule as a parent and as a full-time employee. You’re good at juggling money, people, household chores, and endless to-dos at work. In today’s increasingly busy world, calming your racing mind after a long, demanding day may seem impossible.

Sometimes all we need is a good book, a relaxing chair, and a fluffy body pillow to cuddle with. Study shows that a love of reading regularly may not just lower your stress levels, but also encourage positive thinking and give your brain a different kind of workout.

That is the reason making a reading nook in your home is a great idea. Have no worry. Let this article help you turn that sunny corner in your living room into a snug spot for reading or napping.

Look for the Perfect Chair

Want to forget your troubles and drown into your favorite book even for only a few hours? Create a friendly haven in your living room. Placing plenty of oversized bean bag chairs may be just what you need, as they offer maximum relaxation and comfort. A comfortable seating is a must when it comes to having a cozy reading nook. To add a bit of drama, place a round canopy over a beanbag and have a soft down comforter.

Choose Tranquil Colors

Transform that unused corner into a place to rest by choosing non-distracting colors for the décor – be it a curtain, a rug, a coffee table or a pillow. White, soft blue, gray, and light green can promote tranquility, helping you beat your daily frustrations.

Have Proper Lighting

Creating an environment suited for reading is all about lighting. Know how to combine ambient and focused lighting, so you won’t hurt your eyes. You don’t want to turn your resting area into a worst nightmare.

If you’re one of countless homeowners who don’t have a reading nook at home, then you might be missing out a number of benefits. With smart planning and the right furniture, you can create the perfect reading space.