Spaying or Neutering Your Pet: A Guide for Owners


PetOne of the most important health decisions you have to make concerning your dog or cat is whether to have them neutered or spayed. Neutering involves the removal of your pet’s testicles, while spaying involves the removal of your female pet’s ovaries. Both of these pet surgery procedures offer excellent health benefits and require only minimal hospitalisation. Still on the fence about it? Below are eight top reasons you should consider these procedures:

  1. Spaying aids in preventing different disorders, mots notably uterine infections which can be fatal for around 90% of cats and 50% of dogs. Spaying prior to your pet’s first heat will offer long-lasting protection against this.
  1. Spaying also lessens the risk of breast cancer, while neutering eliminates the risk of testicular cancer or prostate issues for males.
  1. You can keep your feline in line during the heating season with spaying. Otherwise, she’ll yowl excessively and loudly, and pee all over your house to announce her presence to potential mates.
  1. Your male pet won’t run away from your home when spayed. Intact males are born with the need to procreate and they will do absolutely anything just to find a female to mate with — including injuries, roaming the streets, and risking battles with other males.
  1. Neutered males will be more docile and behaved since they’ll focus more on you and not on finding a mate. While unneutered males will constantly mark your house with foul-smelling pee, plenty of aggression issues can be avoided with neutering.
  1. Neutering or spaying won’t make your beloved pet fat, contrary to what you’ve been led to believe. Your pet will still be as trim and fit as ever as long as you continue to keep track of his or her food intake and continue exercising.
  1. These pet surgery procedures aid in preventing pet overpopulation. All over the world, millions of pets unfortunately suffer the life of strays or are euthanised every year. This is due to the unplanned litters that may have been easily prevented with early neutering or spaying.

Finally, neutering or spaying is great for your community. Due to their more aggressive nature, unneutered or unspayed cats normally frighten people, prey on unsuspecting wildlife, damage fauna, and cause fatal vehicular accidents.