Sublimation Printing: The Latest Development In Sports Apparel Manufacturing

Men playing soccer

With sublimation printing gaining popularity nowadays the world over, printing on sports clothing is being done more and more by this method and this undoubtedly, is helping sports clothes manufacturers to innovate on sports apparel substantially. Actually, sublimation-printing solutions have brought about a revolution in the sphere of sports apparel printing.

This type of printing is much preferred by experts at Fire Label Bespoke because of the following reasons:

The Unique Look

Men playing soccerIt helps sportspersons create a unique image of their own by way of the clothes they wear while performing. They always prefer new designs on their apparel, which would allow spectators to identify them instantly.

Enhanced Brand Imaging

This printing also enhances the brand image of successful sports teams because of the profusion of bright colours and latest designs used.

Personalized Style

Recent trends in sports indicate that every successful sportsman adopts a typical style of his own and this is reflected on the clothes and logos associated with him. Whether it’s cricket, rugby, soccer, basketball, athletics, netball or tennis, athletes dress in a manner that asserts their individual styles. This calls for more and more use of this sort of innovative printing.

Comfortable Clothing

Sports clothes vary in colours, sizes and designs. It is also important that players should look good when they wear them. It shouldn’t be something that would make people make fun of them. Clothes manufacturers in essence need to ensure that the clothes they produce are comfortable and suited to sensitive skin types. Printing by sublimation ensures this.

Gaining Popularity

Sublimation sports clothes are quite common nowadays among single performers as well as sports teams. This is because jerseys, shorts, shirts, skirts, T-shirts and such made by this unique technology all carry a unique appeal, thereby increasing its popularity by leaps and bounds over the years.

Excellent Materials

These sports clothes are manufactured from the highest quality fabrics ensuring maximum comfort levels for users. Unblemished printing by sublimation is applied widely to create custom-made sportswear for different sportsmen and games.

Ease of Printing

The greatest advantage of this type of printing is that polyester garments can be printed very easily and designs can be digitally changed whenever necessary. The designs are printed using a heat press, where heated vaporized ink prints the final design on the fabric.

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