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How Do You Impress Customers? Let Us Count the Ways

Make a Lasting Impression with Customers

Make a Lasting Impression with CustomersMake a Lasting Impression with CustomersFirst impressions mean a lot, whether it’s in personal relationships or in a job interview. For businesses, it can make the difference between closing a deal and losing the customer. So, how do you capture the interest of customers with a great first impression?

1. Don’t be the persistent salesperson.

The last thing customers want is to have products or services forced on them. Don’t be too persistent when pursuing your customers; you have to build the momentum. This will make your sales pitch more effective and give your customers enough time to make a decision.

2. Maximize your marketing efforts.

Marketing doesn’t only have to be TV, radio, or online—you have to explore different options if you truly want your customers to notice you. Participating in trade shows and conferences can be one way. Customize your trade show displays to match your booth’s theme. The people at SmashHitDisplays.com say putting emphasis on your logo makes a great design for your trade show displays.

3. Maintain a positive attitude.

A business owner must show a positive attitude in any setting. How you present yourself translates to your business’s reputation, which can leave an impression on your customers. Moreover, this affects how people will approach your business. As they say, proper disposition can be everything in the business world.

4. Be confident with your products or services.

Customers are more likely to trust a business that has confidence in their products and services. Confidence here means knowing the value of the product or service. Your level of confidence reflects your willingness in delivering solutions to customers and improving your business.

There are no second chances in making a great first impression; you only have that one shot to make with every customer. As long as you focus on what is within your control, you can make an impression that will be the solid foundation of customer relationships.

Branding is Essential? Here’s What Corporate Branding is All About


BrandingBrandingCreating a name — rather, an identity — for your business is essential for your success. In today’s fast-paced world where everything can be found with a simple search online, competition for making your business known is fierce.

What is branding?

Digital marketing expert mashmedia.com.au notes that true corporate branding is not just about getting the best marketing agencies, having optimised SEO ranking, creating the best logos, or even having the best people on board. Corporate branding is the entire package — from your company’s logo, Web site and your product to how you and your employees handle your customers. It’s all about the experience that you offer to your customers and how they perceive it.

As such, effective branding will ensure that your business will become valuable for your client, ensuring repeat business. In reality, it’s not the product or service that your customers buy. It’s the brand.

How to create your brand

Whether it is fair or not, the first thing that anyone would see and notice are the physical aspects of your business. This means the use of colours, logo and packaging of your product. Thinking about the physique of your business also means creating cohesiveness of the aesthetic appeal of your product or service.

The second important aspect in brand creation is personality. You need to make your business stand out from the rest and the best way to do it is by injecting a personality to your business. Make it unique! For example, when you think of sodas, you can associate Coke with being happy and youthful. It is because this is how the company chose to present itself.

The last important aspect of brand creation is culture. It refers to the relationship between your product or service to the people. Coke again as an example, symbolises equal and sociable culture. It presents itself as a product that helps bridge gaps among people — a culture of sharing. Similarly, you want to create an identity that will help foster the cultivation of values that you want your business to create.

Is Now the Right Time for Your Company to Hire Temporary Talents?

Unemployment rate in New ZealandUnemployment rate in New ZealandTemporary work is one of the most popular employment trends in the world — and New Zealand is not an exception. Even if criticisms are not unheard of towards this model, nobody could deny that it offers a win-win situation for both companies and workers in many cases. If businesses don’t hire temporary help, the unemployment rate in New Zealand might be worse that what it is today.

The question is — is now the best time to recruit talents temporarily to push your business forward? There’s no straight answer to that, but if at least one of these is your priority, then Quinn Recruitment recommends offering short-term jobs in Auckland as a sound move.


It’s never good when employees leave at the worst times. While it’s alright when some decide to take a break from work due to vacation, maternity or disability, others resign and even call it quits without a saying a word. If you don’t find a way to replace the talents you’re losing, it’s only a matter of time for your operations to be crippled.

Temporary work provides flexibility not just for employees, but also for you. If the positions you need to fill would just be vacant for a little time, hiring contractual workers can help you adjust and prevent any possible workload fluctuations.

Foreseen Increase in Demand

Maybe you didn’t need additional staff before, but if you feel the demand in your business would rise, then recruiting extra hands for a short time can help you with the production. Making seasonal positions full-time may not be the smartest decision, as you might have payroll problems down the road once the peak period is over.

Zero Commitment

If you’re planning to keep talents for regular positions, this employment model allows you to evaluate the best candidates first. This way, you get to see their character and their ability to develop the necessary skills you require for the job. Getting committed with workers without knowing what they can really bring to the table is a blunder you don’t want to make.

New Zealand’s employment rate may be in a relatively bad shape, but temporary work is always better than no work at all. With the help of a trusted recruitment agency, it’s easier to find the talents that match the open positions you have.

Evaluating your Business Decisions: Are You Ready to Buy Forklifts?


ForkliftForkliftAre you planning to start an activity in Sydney that requires forklifts to lift items, or do you want to add forklifts in your expanding business? You don’t need to invest in new equipment right away. You want to balance your budget well.

Be smart. Divert that capital towards a more important project and help kick start a better idea. For the time being, hire forklifts — it’s cheaper. Terrain forklifts are available for lease in Sydney. As your business gathers pace, you can have more resources to buy new equipment.

New Forklifts

Owners of a well-established business in Sydney who are arranging to purchase forklifts can strike a deal with wholesalers such as Koalaforklifts.com.au for their purchase. Go ahead and purchase forklifts because sale and service repairs of the leading brands are easily accessible, provided you work with a company that serves you with professionalism.

You want technicians that maintain good workplace etiquette. Form a partnership with them to do general maintenance, and regular and emergency repairs for your equipment.

Supplier of Quality Spare Parts

To manage your forklifts easily, look for a company that not only sells forklifts but also deals with spare parts. Choose a company with a line-up of original, quality spare parts in their garage. Go for the one that has spare parts for all brands, if you have a variety of equipment. They should also have the capacity to import specific parts for you, if you requested.


Any company’s policy includes maintaining a good working relationship with you. But not all of them have attractive prices. A company that wants to build a good relationship may offer you discounted prices to fit your business budget and to help you beat the increasing interest rates of Australian banks. They also promise open and honest transactions.

Business success is all about making connections. Whether you’re ready to purchase equipment or are still considering renting, transact only with companies who want you to be a returning client.

Grow Your Small Business by Establishing Your Online Presence

Business website

Business websiteBusiness websiteAs a small business owner, it is important that your trade and brand of services grow beyond simply being passed on by word of mouth. Marketing is no longer as easy as handing out flyers and relying on the good will of people mentioning what you do to others. You need to make use of every available platform, and this includes the Internet.

Establishing your online presence may seem daunting at first, but knowing the basics will help you branch out further and better communicate with your target audience.

Your Online Profile   

MagnifyCreative.co.uk says creating a website for your business is the first step to establishing an online presence. It is actually a requirement as it is your business’ face on the Internet, and your target audience will be able to look you up through search engines.

This does not mean you should build an entire website from scratch in just one day though. The quality of your website will improve in time as you update and add more information and features to it. Think of your website as a billboard on the Internet; all the relevant information about your business is there, and the only difference is that you can change it as you see fit.

Although there are plenty of free online tools that help you build your website, it may be a good idea to get help from professional website builders to get an idea what basic elements you need on your site and what to leave out for later.

Social Media

Using social media as a marketing platform is a smart decision if you are looking to branch out and better communicate with your target audience. It is simply the fastest way to engage them directly, and since your business is still small, you have an advantage over larger companies in terms of time spent ‘mingling’ with the market.

A simple way of doing this is participating in online discussions, either on a social networking site, forums, or on your own website. This solidifies your presence on the web, and makes you look knowledgeable and approachable to your intended audience.

Carving a niche and position online is a necessary step if you want to grow your business. It also keeps you updated with current events; particularly, the demands of your target customers.

Knowing Your Customers: Directing Success to Your Business


businessbusinessThe Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research department of the University of Montana cited the value of knowing customers when providing great service. According to the study, the number of visitors per day, the length of their stay, their activities, and the duration of their activities play a role in the decision-making process of businesses. With this information, business owners can determine which components of their services perform the most in terms of customer satisfaction.

Counting people — not just the regular customers — can offer many benefits to a business. Once you know your customer demography, you can improve low-performing areas that inhibit sales.

As CountWise.com explains, the right people counting software can help businesses collect the following information and correct problem areas:

How well your business is doing in terms of customer conversion

While Point of Sales (POS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are useful in providing valuable information about customers, the data they give are limited to those who have already transacted with your business. Some systems cannot provide information about those who visited your establishment and left without buying anything.

By counting the total number of people who visit your store, and comparing it with the number of customers, it will be easier to determine the conversion rate of your business.

How you can drive your establishment’s performance in sales

From the data above, you can already measure how well your establishment is performing in terms of sale. Low conversion rates mean greater number of wasted sale opportunities. Knowing the total number of visitors and paying customers can help you augment practices for higher conversion rates.

Most businesses, if not all, can benefit from these people counting systems. The more you know about customers, the more opportunities you can take for business success.

Qualities to Consider Before Hiring An SEO Expert


seoseoIn a highly technological age, every business needs an online marketing strategy to survive. Among so many available options, search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most effective methods.

When it comes to choosing the right SEO consultant, Brisbane offers many opportunities. Unfortunately, there are still bad SEOs that can sabotage your business. Find out how you can avoid it and keep your business running.

Working with the Expert

SEO achieves a range of online goals, like raising your website’s ranking in search engine results. You may have heard of this strategy, but have not employed it in your scheme.

Unless you know how to implement it yourself, you will need the services of an SEO professional. Here are the top qualities to look for in an expert:

Experience – Experience puts the word ‘expert’ in ‘SEO expert’. Working in the industry for years, a seasoned SEO consultant will know the specific goals to achieve based on your target niche.

Credible Track Record – Any company can say they provide 100% customer satisfaction. It is a completely different matter if clients can attest to that. Know the previous clients of your SEO company and confirm if it was able to meet their needs.

Ability to Fit In – SEO experts cannot do everything alone. They must work together with the different departments, such as IT, marketing, sales and so on. During these collaborations, the SEO specialist should be able to work well with your employees.

Seeing Results

Once you have chosen your SEO consultant, you may wonder what kind of results you can expect.

Website traffic converting into leads and increased sales is one outcome you should watch out for. Another is website optimisation or website redesign, which helps web users navigate your site. Finally, you can expect the creation of quality content, since it is your chief strategy to attract users into your website.

In the digital age, SEO is a must for every business wishing to thrive in the competition. Given many options, your challenge is to choose the most qualified person or team to do it.