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3 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

Preparing Daughter For Pre SchoolPreparing Daughter For Pre SchoolSending your children to school for the first time can be scary because it’s the first time you’re going to entrust them to other people outside your home. That’s why it’s important to choose the best preschool for them to give you peace of mind. You likewise also prepare your children, so they would be comfortable to interact with their classmates and teachers even without you around. Here are some suggestions to help you prepare for this milestone:

Visit Different Preschools

Don’t settle on the first preschool you see. It’s important to ask your relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbours if they know a great preschool in your area. Visit at least three of their suggestions, look around and ask questions to the supervisor or owner of the school. This way, you can evaluate the condition of the school and the staff. Don’t stop until you find an institution you feel comfortable with.

Prepare School Supplies and Necessities

Once you choose the right school, it’s time to shop for school supplies and necessities for your children. Buy school uniform supplies like socks, shoes, undergarments, face towels and whatever the school requires your kids to wear. Set a budget for the school supplies, though. You can’t simply buy everything your kids like, or else you would end up with more stuff than they can use.

Establish a Schedule

Now that your kids are going to school, they should start following a schedule — what time they should play, study, have dinner, go to sleep and wake up. Establishing a schedule is important, so they could develop a study habit and excel at school in the years to come. It’s important for them to get the right amount of sleep every day, as well.

Follow these three steps and you’ll surely have peace of mind about sending your children to preschool. This way, both of you can be prepared for a big yet necessary change.

Singapore-Style Schools: The Perfect Stepping Stones for Children

School in SingaporeSchool in Singapore For more than a decade, Singapore has always been near or at the top of international leagues in terms of education. Continuous academic achievement by the country’s students have resulted in endless appreciation from their East Asian neighbours and head-scratching from the West.

It makes one wonder: what is it about the Singaporean educational system that makes it so effective?

The Singapore School in Cebu

The Straits Times recently carried a story about Filipina Trixie See Suarez, 43, who opened a Singapore-style school in Cebu five years ago. Her admiration of Singapore’s brand of education drove her to open the Singapore School Cebu, which uses textbooks and a curriculum from the country to teach science and mathematics.

Her school started with just 78 pupils from pre-school to Primary 4. Eventually, she added the upper primary and secondary levels to accommodate older students. Today, the school teaches over 200 pupils, majority of them from the Philippines.

According to Suarez, attending Singapore-type schools is the perfect stepping stone for many children in Asia.

Understanding Instructional Regime

In general, classroom instruction in Singapore is uniform across all subjects and levels. According to JCU.edu.sg, the teaching is fit-for-purpose and coherent, which draws inspiration from Western and Eastern traditions.

Singaporean teaching also focuses on preparing students for high stakes examinations and transmission of procedural knowledge. Teachers also place additional emphasis on the mastery of specific procedures and clear presentation of problems, especially in math.

The Logic of Singapore’s Education

Singapore boasts of a distinctive educational system that dwells in a unique set of institutional and historical cultural influences. These factors explain the effectiveness of their educational system, especially with their current assessment environment.

The configuration of institutional arrangements, historical experience and cultural beliefs produced a must-have system other regions want. Their teachers also shape the understanding across systems, which include the nature of learning and teaching.

More schools in foreign regions are adopting Singapore’s educational system. Parents and educational experts look forward to the Singaporean curriculum helping children go anywhere they want in the world.

E-Learning: The Newest Trend In Web-Based Learning

E-LearningE-LearningEducation has transformed throughout the centuries. From traditional way of learning, now comes the age of computers. Kids as young as 3 years old are now well-versed with tablets, smartphones and computers. Truly, learning is everywhere and now, a new way of learning is gaining popularity across the globe.

E-learning or online learning encompasses everything that has something to do with computers. Did you know that almost everyone who utilizes a computer has completed some type of e-learning? In simpler terms, the e-learning umbrella entails electronic media to educate learners.

E-learning and Its Beginnings

E-learning or online learning emerged as soon as internet was born. Of course, in all sorts of things people learn from the web, is considered online learning. As simple as “How To’s” and “What is” being typed in the search bar is considered e-learning. Then, there were the more sophisticated online learning software that are designed for its purpose – to teach those who wants to learn a thing or two.

Online Learning is More Convenient

Traditional learning styles require students to be present in physical classrooms. E-learning, on the other hand, can be done anywhere as long as you have a computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone and a reliable internet connection. It encompasses many types of online courses via webinars, one-on-one online session, videos or even recordings.

E-learning Has a Global Reach

In the past, learning is restricted to the classroom, in conferences and in schools. Now, it has a global reach. Online materials can now be uploaded online and these can be accessed by anyone across the globe.

Learning online is now a part of life. No matter what people do, they learn through the internet. Education systems have included online learning in the syllabi and they offer a lot of learning styles to meet the needs of their students.