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3 Underlying Causes of Thinning Hair

Hair ThinHair ThinMost people believe that only men can get thinning hair but it can happen even to women. The reasons for this can be simple or can be complex. It easy to treat thinning hair when you know what is causing it. 

YUN NAM Hair Care gives three common causes of thinning hair. 


This is one of the most common causes of thinning hair in both men and women. Due to hereditary conditions in sex hormones hair will fall out in a given pattern. This can be permanent but there are some steps you can take to treat it or slow it down or you can consider a hair loss treatment. Women who have just stopped using bath control pills or those going to through menopause can experience temporary thinning of hair. If this is the case you should handle the hair gently. Make use of natural products and this might slow the process.

Medical Condition

Some medical conditions can cause thinning hair. If you are not sure if you have any of the conditions visit your doctor for a checkup. If you have the condition you can talk to the doctor and start treatment. Scalp infections and other skin disorders such as ringworms can cause thinning hair.


Just like some diseases will cause thinning hair, some medications can have the same result. Some medications have hair thinning as a side effect. If you are one these medications discuss your concerns with your doctor. They can switch you to s different medication. Some medications that treat cancer, heart problems or arthritis lead to thinning hair.

Other cause of thinning hair is stress. If you figure out the root of the problem it makes it much easier to treat and slow down the condition learning to deal with them will help reduce and finally stop the thinning hair before this you can style your hair differently to hide the condition.


Chiropractor Treatment in Denver

Chiropractor Treatment in DenverChiropractor Treatment in DenverPeople seek help from chiropractors because of many reasons — back adjustments and vertebrae alignment being a few. For instance, people with a back injury could go see an injury chiropractor in Denver.

You have to understand that different chiropractors would have different approaches to solving your problem. Some chiropractors would prefer to return you to your full healthy state and don’t expect you back, while some prefer to use a preventive maintenance program. This is when you’d go for a regularly scheduled visit with adjustments only done when needed.


When you visit an injury chiropractor in Denver like Denver-Chiropratic.com, they’ll give you a health questionnaire for you to fill. The aim is to allow them to have some knowledge on your medical/health history. What follows is a physical exam to assess the area of complaint. Neurological and orthopedic tests might be done on the area of complaints.

After this assessment, the chiropractor would usually develop a treatment that takes into account factors such as the extent of your injury, your health in general and your goals in terms of treatment. To give an example, some people would set a goal to have their pain or discomfort problem solved while some would want a long term plan that would improve their general health.


There is no need to worry in case you have no Idea about what goals you set because your chiropractor would normally give you the status of your condition and recommend an approach during the initial consultation.

It’s always best to see a chiropractor when you are having pain and discomfort that you can’t explain. An injury chiropractor in Denver would provide you with the solutions you need to help you end the unexplained pain that you might be having as a result of injury.

Understanding Usual, Customary and Reasonable Fees in Health Care

Male Nurse

Male NurseMale NurseInsurance policy holders have certain out-of-pocket fees that they must pay for, one of which is the usual, customary and reasonable fees or UCR.

What are UCR Fees?

Insurance companies monitor UCR fees, which they then use to determine if it makes sense compared to services charged by doctors in the area. If a doctor charges more than what an insurance company considers UCR, you may have to pay for the difference between the charged amount and the price covered by the policy you have.

CrystalClearRx.com cites that UCR fees have certain characteristics such as:

  • Fees charged by doctors for a service
  • It is within the price range that other doctors charge
  • It is for a necessary service under the current circumstances

The price of UCR fees charged for services depends on certain factors. Several medical insurance policies divide providers into “out of network” and “network” groups. Choosing an out of network doctor may require you to pay for some or even the entire service cost. An in-network provider may mean that you do not have to pay for possible UCR fees.

Drug Pricing

Other than worrying about potential UCR fees, policy holders must also be aware of drug pricing. The influence of physicians and prescribers play a major role in affecting the prices of drugs in the market as patients need their advice as to what medication to take.

The prevalence of pharmaceutical manufacturers makes it difficult to buy products directly from the source. The supply of pharmaceuticals involves several wholesalers that distribute medicine before they reach patients. This creates three or more transaction areas that hike prices up.

Several policy holders only consider the cost of medical services after they get it; the surprise comes when they realize their insurance does not cover all of their expenses. Knowing the UCR fees and factors that may affect drug prices reduces the possibility of an expensive hospital bill.