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What Makes Your Child’s Playroom Fun and Safe

Kids Playroom

Kids Playroom in Taylors HillKids Playroom in Taylors HillTaylors Hill is the perfect place for your big family. When looking for real estate properties in Taylors Hill, choose a home with enough space for an extra room or two. One of these roomscan be the perfect playroom for your children. Here are a few pointers to make the playroom safe and enjoyable for your kids.

Hide All The Wires

This includes the electrical cables of the TV, game console, or any other electric appliance or gadget in the room. Wires can also mean strings from toys, especially the ones that dangle. All cords and wires that aren’t concealed should not be longer than six inches. Look for kid-friendly coverings you can install for all your electrical cables.

Secure All The Furnishings

Clamp down that fan and screw that TV to the wall. Find ways of securing that table onto the floor to keep it from tipping over, if possible. Wall shelves and cabinets should also be secured and childproofed to discourage kids from using them as wall-climbing structures. Make sure every furnishing’s sharp corner has cloth tape, or any other childproofing sticker, to minimise accidental bumps and bruises.

Install Toy Bins

Include a toy area when designing your playroom. Have built-in toy bins instead of buying large chests that can trap your child inside during playtime. Should you need more containers for the toys, get large child-friendly baskets to go with the bins. Using these containers, you can even teach your children to classify the toys accordingly.

The playroom should give your child a space where they can have fun. More importantly, this room should also encourage learning. Mix fun with play to make the most of your playroom.

A Solid Road to Success: How Being in the Army Secures Your Future


armyarmyThe fast-paced digital world is constantly changing. Technology and knowledge that were introduced five years ago may now be outdated. What profession could you choose that stands the test of time and any or all social, political and physical upheaval in Singapore?

One answer: Singapore Armed Forces Officer.

The great thing about being part of the Singapore Armed Forces National Service (SAF NS) is that you get the benefits and pay that other officers have in the field of your expertise and choosing.

What do SAF Officers get?

Being part of the country’s armed forces may not be overly lucrative, but it ensures comfortable living after service. Here are some of the highlights of their benefits package:

  1. Savings account separate from salary

The Singapore government opens an account for you and adds funds that can be withdrawn after six years in service. They’re essentially saving up for you; the amount depends on your rank and credentials.

  1. Bonuses

You get a midterm, performance and sign in bonus that can go up to $30,000 for each type. You also get merit-based bonuses as well as risk allowances for hazardous and off-hour assignments.

  1. Career Fulfillment at 6 years

According to the SAF website, you’re supposed to get to your desired position in as short as six years. You don’t have to wait for promotions or for higher officers to resign—your progression is guaranteed as long as you put in the work.

  1. Scholarships

Continuing education provided by the government through scholarships is guaranteed. You can get post-graduate studies, training and leadership development to help you even after your stint with the SAF.

While a post with the SAF may mean long hours and intensive training, the financial rewards and job security cannot be beaten.

Why Live in Perth? Let Us Count the Ways

Living in Perth

Living in Perth Living in Perth What comes into your mind whenever someone mentions Perth? You might be thinking about beaches and holidays with friends and family. Whilst Perth has certainly made a name for itself when it comes to holidays, it’s so much more — it can be your home.

Here are a few good reasons Perth makes an outstanding city to live in:

  1. Your income can go a long way.

Australia may be advanced and jobs are aplenty, but the costs of living can be high. The good news is Perth can give you great value for your income. Most of the households in the city are high-income earners. With the city’s moderate consumer price index, you can provide a good life for yourself and family here.

  1. If you love the sun, this is the place to be.

Many of Perth’s suburbs are near stunning beaches with azure waters. Apart from these sights, Perth has a sunny climate. In fact, the sun shines the most times here than anywhere in Australia. Summer weather can be dry but not too humid, while winter season remains mild.

  1. It’s as laid-back as it gets.

When you want to get away from the stressful bustling city life of more popular cities like Sydney or Melbourne, come to Perth. It has a great balance of social life and outdoors. The people are famous for being relaxed, casual and laid-back — this reflects in the patios and pool fence Perth households have. You cannot blame them when beaches, microbreweries, parks, and impressive attractions surround the area.

  1. It’s one of the most liveable cities.

Perth is not a perfect city. Whilst some people have an issue with the isolated location, it continues to be one of the most liveable cities in the world. It belongs to the top 10, finishing eight after Sydney.

With its clear waters, pristine surroundings and diverse culture, Perth offers you a place that you can truly call home.

The Worthwhile Change: Streamline Your Lifestyle


houseshousesDownsizing or moving to a smaller house does not always have to be such a sad thought.  While it may mean starting all over again, it should be fun and memorable with your family and friends. Besides, there are some significant advantages to downsizing from a bigger house to smaller home, apartment, of maybe even a granny flat.

A smaller space typically requires less upkeep, so you will have more time to do the things you love like spending time with your loved ones, exploring the city or getting much-needed rest.  Whether you choose to settle in Perth or Sydney or wherever else in Australia, the price of a granny flat or a smaller abode is also much lower, so you can save more money.

The Challenges

If you choose to downsize, however, you may face the challenge of creating a new space with limited room for furniture, clothing, accessories and collectibles. The trick here is learning to minimise and edit. You have to realise that every corner in your new abode should have purpose or function. Avoid bringing in too much stuff that you rarely use.

A Step to Minimalism

Downsizing can be the first step to a more streamlined lifestyle. It can help you from overspending and overbuying for a larger space. A smaller house will also keep you on budget and help control your shopping habits, because there isn’t enough space to keep many additions. If you are trying to save money and keep out of debt, downsizing is an ideal solution.

 All About Organisation

Organisation is the key to small home living. Multifunctionality is important, as you need to think about every item before it enters your living space. Each of your belongings must serve as many purposes as possible.  The investment in multifunctional or space-saving furniture pieces may expand the available space in the home.

The secret to a successful transition is to keep an open mind and be aware of how downsizing can improve your life. While you may want to live in a bigger house, think of how it can affect your financial circumstances. If you love saving money, resources, energy, and enjoy saving time on the maintenance, downsizing is a great solution.