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Make Your Drainage System Last Longer With These Simple Hacks

Drainage SystemDrainage SystemPeople often fail to take proper care of the plumbing systems in their home, which leads them to fail. The article highlights some of the steps you can take and ensure the integrity of the plumbing system.

You probably do not give much attention to the intricate system of pipes that unfailingly deliver a combination of hot and cold water as well as eliminate waste on demand. Unknown to many people, routine plumbing system maintenance to eliminate leaks and other minor problems is a sure way of maintaining the integrity of your house.

Here are some actions you can take to keep you plumbing system functional and in excellent condition:

Keep off the chemical cleaning products

No matter how well packaged or what they promise, harsh chemical detergents offer a short-term relief while creating an infinitely bigger problem. Since they cannot remove a blockage in its entirety, frequent use of these chemical products is often recommended which magnifies the danger they pose. As a result, the continual use of chemical erodes the cast iron drain pipes leading them to develop leaks. Rather than risk the integrity of your home system, opt to snake the drain instead or hire a plumber to attend to it.

Watch what goes down the drain

The presence of obstacles in the drainage system causes the pressure to build up within them, weakening the joints and drastically reducing their life span. The best way to keep hair, food scraps and other unsuitable items on your drains is to install screens over your drains. With new construction, plumbing specialists can help you choose the most efficient system and forestall future problems. According to Beehive Plumbing, when a plumbing system is severely damaged, a professional reinstallation is the only durable solution.

Avoid using hard water

Hard water bears a high concentration of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which have a tendency of building up inside the pipes. Over time, they reduce the volume inside the tube, which restricts the flow of water. Also, they also corrode the pipe. Installing an electric water softener allows you to filter out the minerals without increasing the amount of sodium as is common with the traditional sodium based water filters.

With proper installation and routine maintenance, the plumbing system in your house can serve you for a long time without the need for major repairs.

Don’t Allow Disaster to Strike: Call a Plumber!


Plumbing in Salt Lake CityPlumbing in Salt Lake CityWhether it’s in your home or office, it is essential that you maintain the drainage system properly. Regular checking of the system by a plumbing repair expert will ensure that the drainage system is well maintained. The plumbing maintenance and repair in Salt Lake City company that you hire will also repair any leaks or clogs in the drainage system. If not repaired on time, these clogs or leaks can even lead to a burst in the pipes.

Why you shouldn’t delay

You must never put off repairing a leak or a clog in the drainage system. Some of the common problems that you will face if you do not repair the drainage system on time are as follows:

  • Backflow of dirty water: If clogs are not repaired on time, then the dirty water accumulated in the affected pipe will flow back. This will cause the toilets, kitchens or the area where the clog is to get flooded. However, if the clog is detected early and steps are taken to remove it, you can prevent such mishaps from occurring.
  • Repair leakages at the earliest: If you have detected any leakages in the drainage system then repair it at the earliest. This will ensure that dirty water does not flow out into your home or garden.
  • Prevent pipes from bursting: This is especially true for restaurants, clinics or hospitals. In any such place, a lot of waste materials are generated and some of them generate harmful chemical wastes. If the drainage system is not well maintained then pipes can burst. So ensure that the plumbing system is checked regularly to prevent pipes from bursting suddenly.

It is essential that you properly maintain the drainage and plumbing system of your home and office, so as to prevent any disaster from occurring.

Clogged Drains: Simple Hacks Anyone Can Do

Salt Lake City Drain Cleaners

Salt Lake City Drain CleanersSalt Lake City Drain CleanersAll sinks experience blockages after some time. It does not have to be a large solid object that is causing the irregular flow. Most of the time, it is the buildup of all the waste that has gone in the drain. It can even just be a combination of hair, soap and food particles.

Before you call for help, you need to try if you can fix the problem on your own. Here are some approaches to find a quick solution to blocked drains.

The Kitchen Chemist

Your kitchen is your very own laboratory at home. It contains several ingredients lying around in cabinets waiting to be used for their intended purpose. Some of them when mixed can create mixtures that can help you solve blocked drains.

Salt Lake City drain cleaners say that all you need is a baking soda-vinegar mixture. Mix a small amount of the two ingredients quickly in a cup before you pour it in the drain. The mixture will naturally fizz and this chemical reaction can dissolve all the stubborn gunk or grime stuck in the pipes. Let the mixture sit and wash it down with hot water after a few minutes.

The Locksmith

If there is a blockage, then there must be something locking the entry. All you have to do is pick this lock from inside and remove the blockage manually. Since most drains are too small for your hand, you can use a handcrafted device to pick what is blocking your drain. Anything from metal clips straightened out or bending out a wire hanger is possible for use. Just use anything that will not fall into the pipe and cause more problems.

When you find the problem persists, it is time to call for experts. They would know what to do so you do not have to go through the dirty mess.