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Making Your Workplace Safe: Why it Matters

WorkplaceWorkplaceEven in this age of better safety equipment and processes in place in many work areas, there are still serious risks in different industries. The problem begins when some business owners refuse to invest in manpower knowledge and equipment to help enforce safety procedures. Some smaller businesses are guilty of this neglect, often leading to accidents that result in lost lives or grave injuries, and to the business losing income or even the license to operate.

Making safety a part of your processes

Don’t let your business fall into complacency in terms of safety. Accidents, no matter how small or serious, happen when the people whose responsibility it is to enforce safety become too relaxed. Some do not want the added expense of having their people trained to work safely or of giving them the right equipment to avoid accidents and injuries.

For example, if your business is metal manufacturing, you should know that your work area is already a high risk workplace. Failing to provide your employees with personal protective equipment (PPE) means exposing them to possible injuries, whether short term or for life. Some illnesses happen in such workplaces because people are exposed to metal dust and the like. If you don’t give them downdraft tables or wet dust collectors like dualdraw.com, you are endangering your workforce and your business. A fire could start anytime. Even if one doesn’t, your people could suffer long term effects.

Getting the government’s help

As your business needs certain permits and licenses to operate, it also pays to know what authorities provide safety services. For example, you may want to contact the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). They will offer you advice on how to make your workplace smarter and safer. They can even perform an inspection through their On-Site Consultation Program, so they can advise you better regarding safe practices in your workplace.

Don’t let a disaster make you the target of lawsuits. Don’t let your people suffer injuries or health hazards. Make your workplace a safer one today.

Defensive Driving: It’s Not Just About Safety but Also Efficiency

Defensive Driving

Defensive DrivingDefensive DrivingMuch has been said about reducing the likelihood of traffic accidents and collision via defensive driving. This method is not all about safety, though; it also improves fuel efficiency, reduces the possibility of parts damage and keeps your car performing optimally much longer.

Lower Repair and Maintenance Costs

JTW Autoparts agrees that defensive driving reduces the need for repair and maintenance. This allows you to save more money because your vehicle requires little to no servicing. This technique reduces the risk of accidents that may damage your car or wear out brakes, damage suspension and other potential problems.

Better Mileage

Aggressive driving increases the likelihood of accidents and consumes fuel faster. Your car uses up gas faster when you hard brake or accelerate too fast following a full stop.These habits put pressure on the vehicle, which results in poor mileage and inefficient consumption of energy.

One of the ways to improve mileage is to drive slower; doing socan increase fuel economy by as much as 20%. You get more out of gas consumption and spend less whenever you refuel. Stay within the speed limit and avoid hard braking for maximum efficiency. Zooming from 0 to 60 may seem cool, but know that it empties your tank faster. Step on the gas moderately for better mileage and reduced collision risk.

Hard braking and aggressive driving may wear out the brakes and tyres faster. These habits reduce fuel economy and put you and other drivers at risk.

Reduce Car Damage

Defensive driving reduces the pressure you put on your vehicle, reducing the likelihood of damage. Aggressive accelerating, hard braking and sharp turning wear out the brakes, suspension and tyres faster. You might need to replace or repair parts sooner than you would like to because of bad habits behind the wheel.

Defensive driving keeps you safe whenever you hit the road; better mileage, reduced costs and fuel efficiency are other reasons to drive cautiously and properly.