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3 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

Preparing Daughter For Pre SchoolPreparing Daughter For Pre SchoolSending your children to school for the first time can be scary because it’s the first time you’re going to entrust them to other people outside your home. That’s why it’s important to choose the best preschool for them to give you peace of mind. You likewise also prepare your children, so they would be comfortable to interact with their classmates and teachers even without you around. Here are some suggestions to help you prepare for this milestone:

Visit Different Preschools

Don’t settle on the first preschool you see. It’s important to ask your relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbours if they know a great preschool in your area. Visit at least three of their suggestions, look around and ask questions to the supervisor or owner of the school. This way, you can evaluate the condition of the school and the staff. Don’t stop until you find an institution you feel comfortable with.

Prepare School Supplies and Necessities

Once you choose the right school, it’s time to shop for school supplies and necessities for your children. Buy school uniform supplies like socks, shoes, undergarments, face towels and whatever the school requires your kids to wear. Set a budget for the school supplies, though. You can’t simply buy everything your kids like, or else you would end up with more stuff than they can use.

Establish a Schedule

Now that your kids are going to school, they should start following a schedule — what time they should play, study, have dinner, go to sleep and wake up. Establishing a schedule is important, so they could develop a study habit and excel at school in the years to come. It’s important for them to get the right amount of sleep every day, as well.

Follow these three steps and you’ll surely have peace of mind about sending your children to preschool. This way, both of you can be prepared for a big yet necessary change.

Preparing for the SHSAT: Giving Your Child the Advantage to Pass

Students in New York

Students in New YorkStudents in New YorkGetting into one of New York City’s best public high schools is no easy feat. As a parent, it’s understandable that you would want your child to attend in one of its Specialized High Schools (SHSs). Know that to get in an SHS, however, your child will have to pass the SHSAT or Specialized High School Admissions Test successfully.

What Exactly is the SHSAT?

The Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) is available for 8th and 9th grade NYC students. Its goal is to identify a child’s admission into SHSs and is offered ever year between October and November. It is tremendously competitive..

The NYC SHSAT covers two sections, which are Math and Verbal and each section only lasts for 75 minutes. The Math section includes 50 questions and will cover logic problems, basic coordinate graphing, algebra, pre-algebra, and arithmetic. Many tutoring companies in NYC noted that basic trigonometry and geometry will likewise be covered for the 9th graders’ test.

The Verbal section includes 45 questions and is meant to test your child’s verbal reasoning and reading comprehension. About 30 of the questions focus on five reading passages with six questions each. The rest of the test will focus on 10 questions regarding logical reasoning and five jumbled paragraphs. The five questions for the jumbled paragraphs are worth two points each.

Helping your Child Prepare the SHSAT

First off, speak with your child’s teachers to identify and determine which areas your child is lacking. This is for you to know which areas your child should spend more time studying for. It’s likewise important that your child’s reading and math skills are well above or just right for their grade.

Private tutoring classes headed by teachers specifically experienced in preparing of the SHSAT are ideal. This way, the teacher can gauge what your child is capable of, so they can boost your child’s confidence and help your child work on areas that require more work.

While preparing for the SHSAT can be challenging for children, you can ease their nerves by simply being there and helping them study. Remember that although the SHSAT can be difficult, if your child is well prepared, they have a better chance of acing the test and going to the high school of their choice.

Daycare for Toddlers: What Parents Should Expect

Daycare For ToddlersDaycare For ToddlersIn today’s economy, many households can’t afford to have one parent stay at home to watch over the kids. But is out of home childcare the answer to this situation? If you’re not sure whether a daycare would be a good idea, here’s what you should know.

The Pros

Kearns daycare centers offer a variety of advantages. For instance, there’s a lot to be said for the social benefits of putting your kids in daycare. They get to interact with children their age, making friends and learning how to play nicely with others in a structured environment.

Nutrition is usually not a problem either. Daycares make a point of preparing highly nutritious, healthy meals. You can also make special requests if your kids have any allergies, or if they are picky eaters.  

Early childhood education is also a major selling point. Kids don’t just play all day, they learn too. Daycare centers excel at nurturing creativity, developing skills, and preparing kids for a real classroom environment.

The Cons

First of all, the cost is always worth considering. It’s still much affordable than hiring a fulltime nanny, but many parents hesitate when they first realize how costly it is. This is especially true in big cities, where daycares can charge hundreds of dollars every week.

The biggest concern that parents often have is the lack of control. You don’t get to watch over the child’s environment, and they will often pick up behaviors — whether good or bad — from the people around them. This is why it is crucial to do your research, and pick a daycare with an excellent reputation. Lastly, a daycare can limit your schedule through their operating hours. You have to drop them off and pick them up at certain times, unless you go with a 24-hour daycare.

All that said, putting your child in a daycare is one of the best solutions when both parents are working. It can be a valuable experience for the child, and you know that they are in a safe, nurturing environment.