Taking Action: Helping Yourself Deal With Loss

loss and grief

loss and griefLosing a loved one can be a devastating experience. Grief is a natural response to the death of someone close to you. The unexpected loss may be a shock to immediate family members who have to prepare for the funeral or cremation services in Brisbane.

Dealing with the loss and grief may be difficult for some people, but there are ways to lessen the burden. While some responses are considered healthy coping mechanisms, others can only hinder the grieving process.

Take Action

If you’re coping with loss, it is best to understand how you can overcome grief.  Take immediate action to avoid sinking into depression. Start by helping make funeral arrangements and deciding between a burial or a cremation service.

Centenary Memorial Gardens explains that a cremation service is generally cheaper than a burial service; however, the price is just one factor to think about. Call funeral homes in your area and choose the funeral service best for your needs. Consult a funeral director for any details you might have overlooked, such as the chapel for the service and the landscape grounds for the ashes.

Confide In Someone

If you find yourself lacking the energy, sleep or focus because of the loss, start talking to someone close to you. It could be any member of your family or a close friend. Expressing your thoughts and feelings can help unload the heavy burden.

In time, you will come to terms with the death. Allow yourself to grieve until you are ready to move on from the loss. There is no time limit to grief since each individual has a different coping mechanism.

The road to healing will end with acceptance of the loss. Your loved one will not want you to suffer for long. After giving yourself enough time to grieve, it is time to pick up the pieces and move on.


  1. Having a support and responsibility is a good way to cope. My husband died while we were on our way to having our third child. It’s tough being the only parent, and a pregnant one at that. I was able to overcome my grief because of my responsibility to my children and friends and family who stood by me.

  2. At the end of the day, dealing with the death of a loved one is a tough yet necessary decision you should make. How you react to it will determine the outcome of your life moving forward. Either you break down from the loss or turn it into an opportunity to become stronger.

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