The Sober Truth: Debunking Two of the Most Famous Myths on Drug Addiction and Rehab

Drug Addiction

Drug AddictionThere’s a high chance that you’ve heard a thing or two about drug addiction and treatment. But have you ever really found out if it’s just an opinion, or a universal truth, or just a plain myth overheard somewhere?

There are various myths told about drug abuse and treatments that don’t really mirror the absolute truth. If you are going through drug addiction and you want to finally break the bad habit, it pays to know the real deal about it. Here are two of the most common myths and reasons you shouldn’t believe in them.

Myth #1: You can put an end to your addiction whenever you want to.

This is a common misconception about drug abuse. Most illicit drugs alter the brain and program your body to crave for more no matter how badly your conscience wants to say no. Due to these changes in the brain, it would be a big challenge to immediately put the habit to a stop.

You may try using a drug and call yourself an occasional user, but later on you’ll find out that you’re more of a compulsive user rather than a voluntary user.

Myth #2: A course of treatment in the rehab is always enough

Many people believe that when someone is released from the rehab, he’s completely fine and back to normal. Well, that can be true, but in most cases, the problem will strike again. There’s a reason experts call addiction a persistent illness; repeated treatments and visits to the rehab facility may be needed.

However, a patient can receive a specialized treatment program tailored to their unique condition and needs. For instance, many organizations offering inpatient drug rehab, Utah included among other states, specialize in long-term treatment. These rehab programs ensure higher chances of full recovery and minimize patients’ tendency to go back to the habit.

The first step to solving a problem is to understand it. It’s best to seek professional help to know the right approach and solution to your addiction.

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