Tile Grout 101: Getting Rid of Unsightly, Old Grout

Applying Grout

Applying GroutThere are a lot of things that can cause tile grout problems, and tiles are everywhere in the house. That means you can have problems in the kitchen, pool, laundry room and kitchen. So what are the different problems in your grout and what can you do about them?


Grouts tend to grow brittle and darker. You can remove grout using a 6d finishing nail of 2 inches and a short length of wood dowel. For major renovation, like regrouting the whole kitchen or bathroom, you may need to call in help. There is no chemical solution that can remove grout without harming the tiles or if there is, it will not be worth the fortune if you do not have the skills to do the regrouting. Stay safe by leaving the major jobs to grout specialists.


It depends on the source of stain, whether it can be removed or not. Most stains are removable by detergent and water. The grout however may be absorbent and may resist detergent. Take care not to scrub or brush too hardly or it might chip off. GiddyUpTileAndGrout.com.au says to only rely on high-grade glues and grout additive.


Grouts that have grown too dirty or with moulds can be soaked and scrubbed with elbow grease lube. You only need to apply the grease, soak the mould-infested grouts for about one to two hours, rinse and then dry it. To keep it clean, always take out the moisture in your shower through ventilation or by opening the windows of the shower room. A vinegar solution, that is equal parts water and vinegar, can also kill mould and disinfect grouts. All these problems can be unsightly; you should immediately do something right away about it.

Grout is one home investment that every homeowner should be aware of. New and cleaner grouts are a pride in every well-maintained home.

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