Travel Trends in Australia This Coming 2015


hotelIn the tourist haven of Australia, there are several locations and things to do that change in a whim. Adelaide and other major cities were the foremost destinations, and then in a little while, it becomes the desert and forests in the northeast and the middle regions. There are so many places in the Land Down Under where people can explore, relax and escape.

This coming 2015, predictions say that tourists will frequent the off-road locations rather than going to city centres and will be flocking to some exotic places.

Here, The Belvedere Hotel counts down the anticipated travel trends Down Under:

1. More Preference for Smaller, Art Hotels

Big hotels are expensive, that’s for sure. That’s why people will be flocking to smaller art hotels that provide a more memorable experience for them.

2. Quest for Lesser-Known Locations

In the wide continent of Australia, there are places of absolute beauty that aren’t discovered or frequented. Make sure to ask your travel agent about these exotic areas.

3. Bike Over Taxi

Tourists will rather ride bicycles, enjoy the landscapes or visit the top cycling trails this year. Taxis cost money and they would rather spend that on purchasing memorabilia and other local products they can bring home.

4. Destination: Kimberley

Kimberley in the northeast will offer every visitor a chance to be one with nature. With its sprawling forestry, desert and wildlife, one can expect to face and enjoy the very best of nature.

5. For Sporting Reasons

This year, Australia will be hosting the annual Australian Open and two other intercontinental competitions, the AFC Asian Cup and the ICC Cricket World Cup. As the economy has been recovering, more people will be visiting city centres and witness their sporting idols compete for glory.

Australia will continue to secure it foothold in international tourism. With a country so diverse, modern and beautiful, people will converge and appreciate this place where nature and urbanisation thrive together.

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