Tricks That Will Make Your Television Energy Efficient

TVA television set is a staple fixture in almost every home in the country. The majority of people use the appliance every day, not only as a source of entertainment, but also to bring the family closer together.

Costly energy bills resulting from too much TV usage, however, could create conflict within the family, too. So, to maintain harmony within the home, and to satisfy family members who cannot survive without a TV, here are some tricks to make your television energy efficient:

  1. Adjust the Settings

Compared to earlier models, today’s flat-panel high-definition TVs use less energy. Current models, however, have a Quick Start feature that, if enabled, makes the TV continue consuming 20 more watts after it’s turned off. To save energy, experts advise people to disable this option.

If the TV has an automatic brightness control sensor, enable this option, too. The feature will automatically adjust the picture brightness according to the light level in the room, making the TV energy efficient.

  1. Turn Down the Volume

Lowering the TV’s volume is also a good trick to save energy. Whenever commercials are up, consider muting or turning down the volume. Furthermore, when you are planning to buy external speakers for your TV, make sure to purchase sound bars that are energy-efficient.

  1. Record Your Favorite Shows

VCRs and other recording devices use less energy than television sets. Consider recording your favorite programs and watch them at non-peak hours, which is a time of your day where you do not use many appliances at once.

  1. Unplug the Cable Boxes

Cable boxes also have standby power. To save energy, make sure you unplug the cable boxes after you turn them off.

Apart from doing these tricks on your television, you should also check the power systems of your home. TASCO, Inc. notes that many homeowners are not aware that they waste energy due to incorrect wiring in the power system.

No homeowner wants a high electricity bill. It does not hurt to try doing these tricks now, and maybe next month, you might get a lower bill.