Types of Staircases and Their Appeal in Interiors


Stylish stairs inside the home can lend grace and elegance to your interiors. They are available in many styles and shapes today. They are also available in a variety of materials and prefabricated options, so you need not stick to a single type.

Suitable Staircases for a Home

Whether you are building a new home or renovating the old, you can pick from the option available which are straight, spiral, standing, elliptical, circular, etc. Apart from function, they lend a charm to the home if the style complements the décor.staircase

Contractors do not necessarily have to build stairs on-site. Some come prefabricated, such as stairs from activemetal.com.au.

Types of Staircases
  1. Straight – This is the most basic style and this works well if space is a constraint. These can be made of wood, any metal or stone.
  1. Circular – This type has the ability to sweep into the interiors and give it a majestic look. This can virtually steal the show, with their elegant twists, turns and curves. They should be the choice if you have the space and want to make a fashion statement.
  1. Elliptical – These have long elegant curves. These might be the most expensive ones with railings and balustrades, as they take up the most space. Go for these if you have a huge home, but have brass if possible for the railings. This creates a royal, timeless elegance.
  1. Spiral – This type is very popular and offers great functionality. They can add themes and décor to your home. They also take up less space and are perfect for estate homes. The issue is that you cannot carry any item up and down the steps easily.
  1. FreestandingThese creative, out-of-the-box staircases appear to hardly touch the floor, as if they are afloat. They are like a furniture accessory or decorative piece. The rails are stylish and the material options can be wood, stone, glass, metal or a combination of all these options. Any of the types mentioned can switch to a freestanding type with ease.

Consult a designer or architect and pick the type that will suit the home space, your lifestyle, your needs and your budget.

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